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[Chinese-translators] GNU Chinese Translation Team Status Update - July

From: William Cai
Subject: [Chinese-translators] GNU Chinese Translation Team Status Update - July
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 21:48:38 +0800
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Dear colleagues:
Below is GNU Chinese Translation Team status update in July. We are slow but keep moving on. :-)


  1. Shutdown some spammed mail list, i.e. address@hidden
     <mailto:address@hidden>, address@hidden
     <mailto:address@hidden> and address@hidden
  2. Redefined the post rules of chinese-translators and
     chinese-volunteers lists. So far I believe the junk email problem
     get controlled.
  3. Setup GNUCTT.net email service. Two members have gotten accounts.
  4. Two articles are translated  into Chinese and submitted this
     month.  Thanks Yongzhi and Naikuo.
  5. Removed some 'dead links' from GNU CTT website,


  1. Reviewing the translation works submitted in July
  2. Updating GNU/CTT website
  3. etc.

Please let me know if any questions.

Email: wcai at gnu dot org

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