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[Chinese-translators] Suggestions for Yangzhi's translation

From: Li Fanxi
Subject: [Chinese-translators] Suggestions for Yangzhi's translation
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 22:53:14 +0800

Hi all,

        I have some suggestions:

        1.Richard Henderson, Jakub Jelinek and Diego Novillo of Red Hat Inc, 
and Dmitry Kurochkin have contributed an implementation of the OpenMP v2.5 
parallel programming interface for C, C++ and Fortran. 
        Red Hat公司的Richard Henderson, Jakub Jelinek 和Diego Novillo,以及Dmitry 
Kurochkin已经为 C, C++ 和 Fortran 实现了一种 OpenMP v2.5 的并行编程接口。
        2.regression fixes and docs only. Serious regressions. All regressions. 
        仅包含回归修正和文档更新。……。 ……。(I'm not sure how  to express the meaning of 
"regression" in Chinese.)

        3.There is also a detailed search form
        Here, I think translate it into "高级搜索" is clear enough and is more 
friendly than "更为详细的搜索模式".
        Looking forward to hear your opinions.
Li Fanxi
Email: address@hidden
Blog:  http://lifanxi.yeah.net 
QQ:    3058575

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