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RE: [Chinese-translators]《自由软件,自由社会 -Richard M.Stallman选集》中文版计划

From: Li Fanxi
Subject: RE: [Chinese-translators]《自由软件,自由社会 -Richard M.Stallman选集》中文版计划
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 21:02:26 +0800

Dear Bill,

        I'll take the following two pages:

        1. Free Software Needs Free Documentation 
        2. What is Copyleft?

        Here is the newest Table of Contents.

Table of Contents for Free Software, Free Society
      * Editor's Note
      * A Note on Software
      * Topic Guide
      * Introduction <Pan Yongzhi>
Section One: The GNU Project and Free Software
      * The GNU Project <done, 徐继哲>
      * The GNU Manifesto <杨智>
      * Free Software Definition <done, 徐继哲>
      * Why Software Should Not Have Owners <done, 徐继哲>
      * What's in a Name? 
      * Why "Free Software" is Better Than "Open Source"
      * Releasing Free Software if You Work at a University
      * Selling Free Software <done, 徐继哲>
      * Free Software Needs Free Documentation < Li Fanxi >
      * Free Software Song <done, 徐继哲>
Section Two: Copyright, Copyleft, and Patents
      * The Right to Read
      * Misinterpreting Copyright - A Series of Errors
      * Science Must 'Push' Copyright Aside 
      * What is Copyleft? <Li Fanxi>
      * Copyleft: Pragmatic Idealism
      * The Danger of Software Patents
Section Three: Freedom, Society and Software
      * Can You Trust Your Computer? <done, 徐继哲>
      * Why Software Should Be Free <done, 徐继哲>
      * Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks
      * Free Software: Freedom and Cooperation
      * Words to Avoid
Section Four: The Licenses
      * GNU General Public License (GPL)
      * GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
      * GNU Free Documentation License (FDL)  

Best Regards,
Li Fanxi

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