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[GNUCTT] Re: [gnu.org #590289] Re: Co-leader of gnu.org zh translation t

From: Bill Xu
Subject: [GNUCTT] Re: [gnu.org #590289] Re: Co-leader of gnu.org zh translation team
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 21:20:28 +0800
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Deng and I wrote to web-translaters, but not feedback.

This is what I replied to him on 1st Jul 08:54:14 EDT, approximately 7
hours after his message:

* * *
(Message-ID: <address@hidden>)
I am sorry, Yavor, I thought I would get the email when you reply all. Because I promised RMS to try to find a new co-leader of the zh translation team, I must push this. Thanks you.

I also CC Deng Nan to make it sure that he could get this. Nan, please join the www-zh-cn-translators mailing list, then we could start the work. :)

happy hacking!

Bill has told me about the translation job. I would be very glad to do

Thank you.

Please feel free to drop me email about more details of this work.

Please download the gnun package from http://ftpmirror.gnu.org/gnun and
read its two manuals. Then follow the procedure described in
'(web-trans)New Team'.
If you have questions, just ask.

(The manuals are also available online in various formats at
http://gnu.org/software/trans-coord/manual. Cross-manual links in the
HTML versions are known to be broken due to a limitation in Texinfo.)
* * *

If he hasn't received it for some reason, please forward it to him.


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