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Re: [Xbindkeys-devel] Re: [xbindkeys] Crash. Some questions and probably

From: Philippe Brochard
Subject: Re: [Xbindkeys-devel] Re: [xbindkeys] Crash. Some questions and probably fix
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2010 22:47:26 +0100
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>> $ duma ./xbindkeys -n
>> DUMA 2.5.15 (shared library)
>> Copyright (C) 2006 Michael Eddington <address@hidden>
>> Copyright (C) 2002-2008 Hayati Ayguen <address@hidden>, Procitec GmbH
>> Copyright (C) 1987-1999 Bruce Perens <address@hidden>
>> DEBUG: envstr=DISPLAY=:0 string=:0
>> /usr/bin/duma: line 17: 32679 Segmentation fault      ( export 
>> LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libduma.so.0.0.0; export 
>> exec $* )
>> $
> If they segfault, it's because there is a memory problem somewhere.
> You can try to debug them with gdb. duma is better because gdb will
> point you to the line in cause.
> I'm updating my Archlinux to libX11-1.4.0 and I'll see if I can
> reproduce the bug.
Well, I've upgraded to libX11-1.4.0 (archlinux up to date) and I can't
reproduce your bug. All works fine.

Please, can you try to use gdb with duma? With or without guile or fork.

Can you post your ~/.xbindkeysrc and try with a minimal one?

What is exaclty your softwares versions (xorg, libx11, libxcb,



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