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[XBoard-devel] GTK version

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: [XBoard-devel] GTK version
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2009 23:49:58 -0700


merged all the changes from master into the GTK version. Also converted more 
X-stuff into GTK and I'm able to play against a computer now on the GTK 
version. This should only work on linux at the moment, since there is some code 
that needs an #ifdef for windows (handling open files/connections). The GTK 
version also still crashes, for example when promoting a pawn, since the 
promotion-window is not been ported to GTK and the old X-code will now create a 

However, people can start playing around with the GTK version.

NB I might have deleted some features (although I tried to comment them out 
rather than deleting them), which we might have to add again... other features 
such as Mono-mode might not make sense in a GTK environment anyway (I still 
need to read up on this).

If people want to work on the GTK version, here is what you should probably use:

glade-3 version>=2.6.0
gtk  2.16

Drawing should be done via cairo AFAIK, see for example


all the GTK stuff is in:

gtk-interface.xml (the gtk builder file, created with glade)
interface.[ch] (perhaps move all the gtk stuff out of xboard into here)

if we include graphics, we should include them as SVG if possible.

Thinks that's all for the moment ;)


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