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[Xenomai-main] ANNOUNCE: Xenomai 1.0

From: Philippe Gerum
Subject: [Xenomai-main] ANNOUNCE: Xenomai 1.0
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 16:44:27 +0100

At http://freesoftware.fsf.org/download/xenomai/releases/ you will
find the latest release (1.0) of the Xenomai framework. Xenomai aims
at providing a toolbox that helps implementing real-time interfaces
and debugging real-time software on GNU/Linux. It also facilitates the
migration of applications based on traditional RTOS to Linux/RTAI
(http://www.rtai.org/) by providing API emulators running on top of

This is a major release including:

- A reworked nanokernel now exhibiting a threaded interrupt model.
Kernel mutexes have been introduced in order to reduce the interrupt
masking time due to critical section enforcement, especially inside
the real-time interfaces based on the nanokernel.
- The VxWorks, pSOS+ and VRTXsa API emulators.
- The initial implementation of an uITRON-compliant API.
- A virtual machine that allows debugging the real-time applications
in user-space using a RTOS-aware debugger.
- And of course a number of bug fixes in all parts of the framework.

A new disjunctive dual licensing scheme (GPL/Clarified Artistic
License) now applies to core parts of the Xenomai framework such as
the nanokernel and the real-time interfaces, so that embedded
application developers using the Xenomai APIs are free to distribute
their work under the license they see fit.  Details are available at

The main README file describing Xenomai features is available online
at http://freesoftware.fsf.org/download/xenomai/README. Please refer
to the READMEs in the distribution for more in depth explanations.

Best regards,


Philippe Gerum                  IDEALX S.A.S. - OSS Engineering
15-17, avenue de Segur          F-75007 PARIS
http://www.idealx.com/          http://www.idealx.org/

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