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[XForms] file selection dialog problem

From: Jussi Eloranta
Subject: [XForms] file selection dialog problem
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 11:57:24 -0700
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I have an odd problem with the file selection dialog in xforms.
If I enter the filename in the input box (rather than selecting it
from the list) and press enter, the system starts acting as the
keyboard is stuck with pressing return all the time. Even if I
move the mouse to another window (say terminal), it just inputs
returns to that window. If I hit space there, all this seems to stop. I can see the
same thing if I started xev earlier and moved the mouse pointer
over it. This shows that it is receiving returns. One more clue is
that if I enter the filename in the input box and hit the ready button,
this does not happen. It has something to do with pressing return
in the input box.

This happens at least on the following xforms versions (under Fedora 11):

1.0.90-12 (from fc11)


1.0.92sp1 (compiled from source)

Any ideas what is going on?

Jussi Eloranta
Cal State Nortrhridge

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