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[XForms] thumbwheel.c demo and one removed function

From: LukenShiro
Subject: [XForms] thumbwheel.c demo and one removed function
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 17:27:53 +0100

While porting demos/thumbwheel.c to python using my xforms-python
wrapper I've noticed a segmentation fault / NULL pointer access in
thumbwheel example.

I think the problem is due to fl_get_select_item function.
As choices are created in demos/fd/twheel_gui.c by fl_addto_choice, I
guess using fl_get_choice is better.

I've sent a diff file as attachment, to replace fl_get_select_item(..)
call with fl_get_choice(..) call.

Also, I've noticed that fl_basename function is declared as extern in
image/flimage.h, but AFAIK it has not been defined anywhere: maybe it
has been removed, so should its declaration be removed from flimage.h as

P.S. FYI, as announced some time ago I have started a project on
http://xforms-python.berlios.de for a python wrapper.
The project is in alpha development state (as not all functions are
really working and there are several limitations and problems).
Anyway, except for getter functions with multiple return values, the
syntax is somehow the same as XForms; and some simple demos
from XForms are been ported, with some adaptations, and seem to be
I don't plan to release any files (for the time being for now files are
available in SVN), until I'll achieve some stabilization and I'll
resolve some remaining problems with certain structures.

GNU/Linux * Slackware64 current
Slackware 13.0-32bit VM
LU #210970 LM #98222 SU #12583

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