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[XForms] backwards values

From: LukenShiro
Subject: [XForms] backwards values
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 17:13:48 +0100

There are some values labelled as backwards in comments that are
still used in other non-backwards definitions or code elsewhere (I don't
obviously consider choice.*, xpopup.*, menu.*, menubar.* etc..):

1) before some definitions including FL_LCOL's (= FL_BLACK, in
lib/include/Basic.h:482) I read "Some aliases for the color. This is
actually backwards", so I guess it is deprecated, but FL_LCOL is used
(even as one of defaults values for several objects) in:

lib/box.c:79 (in fl_create_box()):
  ob->lcol  = FL_LCOL;
lib/nmenu.c:60 (in fl_create_nmenu())
  obj->lcol  = FL_LCOL;
lib/nmenu.c:68 (in fl_create_nmenu())
 sp->hl_color = IS_BUTTON_NMENU( obj ) ? FL_LCOL : FL_WHITE;
lib/include/bitmap.h:36:  #define FL_BITMAP_LCOL      FL_LCOL
lib/include/browser.h:44: #define FL_BROWSER_LCOL     FL_LCOL
lib/include/button.h:77: #define FL_BUTTON_LCOL              FL_LCOL
lib/include/button.h:88: #define FL_LIGHTBUTTON_LCOL         FL_LCOL
lib/include/button.h:99: #define FL_ROUNDBUTTON_LCOL         FL_LCOL
lib/include/button.h:109: #define FL_ROUND3DBUTTON_LCOL       FL_LCOL
lib/include/button.h:119: #define FL_CHECKBUTTON_LCOL         FL_LCOL
lib/include/button.h:130: #define FL_BITMAPBUTTON_LCOL  FL_LCOL
lib/include/chart.h:46: #define FL_CHART_LCOL       FL_LCOL
lib/include/counter.h:37: #define FL_COUNTER_LCOL     FL_LCOL
lib/include/dial.h:43: #define FL_DIAL_LCOL        FL_LCOL
lib/include/input.h:52: #define FL_INPUT_LCOL       FL_LCOL
lib/include/input.h:57: #define FL_INPUT_TCOL       FL_LCOL
lib/include/positioner.h:37: #define FL_POSITIONER_LCOL      FL_LCOL
lib/include/select.h:40: #define FL_SELECT_LCOL          FL_LCOL
lib/include/slider.h:76: #define FL_SLIDER_LCOL      FL_LCOL
lib/include/text.h:34: #define FL_TEXT_LCOL       FL_LCOL
lib/include/timer.h:41: #define FL_TIMER_LCOL       FL_LCOL
lib/include/xyplot.h:60: #define FL_XYPLOT_LCOL          FL_LCOL

So maybe it shouldn't be labelled as deprecated, or values above should
be replaced with other values.

2) The same could be said for FL_NoColor defined (= FL_NOCOLOR) in 
lib/include/Basic.h:483). It is used in:

lib/canvas.c:411:    if ( ob->col1 != FL_NoColor )
lib/canvas.c:526:            if ( ob->col1 != FL_NoColor )
lib/canvas.c:584:    ob->col1 = FL_NoColor;
lib/canvas.c:709:    if ( ob->col1 != FL_NoColor )
lib/colsel.c:140:    if ( oldcol == FL_NoColor )
lib/flcolor.c:270:    if ( col == FL_NoColor )
lib/flcolor.c:298:        return FL_NoColor;
lib/flcolor.c:956:    if ( col == FL_NoColor )
lib/flcolor.c:1106:        lastmapped = FL_NoColor;
lib/flcolor.c:1635:            allocated[ i ] = FL_NoColor;
lib/flcolor.c:1651:            if ( ! found && p != FL_NoColor )
lib/fldraw.c:358:    if ( c == FL_NoColor )
lib/fldraw.c:1130:    if ( c == FL_NoColor )
lib/xdraw.c:800:        flx->color = FL_NoColor;

3) FL_SMALL_FONT (defined = FL_SMALL_SIZE, for compatibility, in
lib/include/Basic.h:640), is a backwards value, too, but:
in lib/include/browser.h:51:

4) FL_TINY_FONT (= FL_TINY_SIZE, lib/include/Basic.h:639) is used in:
lib/sldraw.c:335:                 FL_TINY_FONT, str );
lib/xyplot.c:2206:    ob->lsize      = FL_TINY_FONT;

5) FL_DOGERBLUE (= FL_DODGERBLUE, lib/include/Basic.h:487) is used in:
lib/flcolor.c:105:      { NV( FL_DOGERBLUE            ),   0, 128,
255, 0, 0 }, 


GNU/Linux * Slackware64 current
Slackware 13.0-32bit VM
LU #210970 SU #12583 LM #98222/#412913

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