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RE: [XForms] skin packages for XForms?

From: Clive Stubbings
Subject: RE: [XForms] skin packages for XForms?
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 23:58:37 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Alessandro,

It depends on how "skinned" you want...

You can do quite a lot within xforms itself. That has the benefit that it has no WM dependencies.

Some years ago I wanted to "face lift" an app. It now can run in either normal xforms mode or in a lighter mode. (xforms 0.89 & 1.0)


This needs some one-off set up and "overloading" a couple of fl_add functions, one for fl_add_checkbutton() and one for fl_add_input(). But it can be easilly enough handled automatically in make with some sed magic if you are using fdesign.


alessandro basili wrote:

Hi everyone,
I'm using XForms since a couple of years and in my group there hasn't
been a real interest in changing the aspect of the interfaces because a
lot of efforts have been put into consistency and simplicity.

I'm just wondering whether in the community there are people who have
worked out an easy way to modify aspect parameters in order to have a
nicer appearance.

My only constraint is that any change will need to remap color indexes,
since they are heavily used in our libraries (FL_YELLOW, FL_BLUE....).

Thanks a lot for any hint. Cheers

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