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[XForms] hello

From: jens harms
Subject: [XForms] hello
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 12:07:37 +0100

Hello to all,

i would like to do a personal re-start in gui development.
i tried qt, fltk, delphi, vb, lazarus, glade, gambas ... and so on.
but in the end i found out that i'm dedicated to the c programming

it is my goal to create a simple script - interpreter to construct a gui:
1.take a look at the widget creation library
2.add some sql features
3.take a look at delphi data aware components
4.keep in mind that most database applications have many things in common.
5. create a domain specific language to be used inside "c" applications.

naturally the application should be written in "C". the interpreter
could be used like a lex/yacc generated source code. use the
interpreter together with scripts, extend the interpreter, ...
it sould be small and simple. no big frameworks, only a small numbers
of dependencies...

i hope that xforms is still alive and we can improve it.
happy hacking.

a sample script i wrote some years ago may clarify what i'm doing:

 PROGRAM neu {
        MASK little {
                INPUT name {
                        LAYOUT (50 50 100 25)

                INPUT filter {
                        LAYOUT (50 80 100 25)

                SQLNAV Auswahl {
                        LAYOUT (100 0 250 25)
                        PKEY "id=id"
                        PKEYFETCH "select id from simpletest1"
                        DATAFETCH "select id,name from simpletest1
where id='$id'"
                        DATA "name = name   id= id"
                        MESSAGE "UPDATE"
                        IMPORT "&filter=filter"
                        DEFAULTS "id=0 name=''";

                SQLEXEC save {
                        LAYOUT (100 110 100 25)
                        MESSAGE "GATHER"
                        SQLEXEC ( "insert into simpletest1 (name,id)
values( '$name', '$id' ) on duplicate key update name='$name'"  "id" )
                        MESSAGE "PKEYCHANGE"

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