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[XForms] Re: xforms-development Digest, Vol 16, Issue 3

From: jens harms
Subject: [XForms] Re: xforms-development Digest, Vol 16, Issue 3
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 17:31:28 +0200

> I'm not sure if I really understand what you're planning to do,
> but if you're asking yourself if it's possible to generate
> forms with XForms "on the fly", e.g. from data in script, then
> the answer is definitely yes. In one of my own programs that's
> what I'm doing - the user can specify a number of elements (s)he
> wants to have in a form (e.g. different types of input fields,
> menues, sliders etc.) using a simple kind of language and then
> ask for notification if something changed in one of the objects
> and react accordingly. Of course, it was a bit of work to get it
> working properly, but not that hard;-) The more "interesting"
> bit was getting the interpreter to work (which is written using
> flex/bison). No changes to XForms were required, that part all
> worked out of the box.

Hi JT,
that looks good.

i try to be more precise:

i want to create a script-interpreter to create a working gui from a script.
the script defines the behavior of the gui and describes the sql
database interface.

the script interpreter is working - funny, I thought this was the easiest part.
currently i'm porting the widget code to "C".

the goal is create database applications in minutes, given some good
defaults, this should be possible.
many people are using access or excel for simple database
applications, that is because other solution
tend to be more complicated. i think it should be made more simple.
if everything needed is a customizeable table with search/sort
widgets, then you could prepare a BIG widget
that just needs to be initialized and does what you want. then your
application is ready in minutes.

that would be good start.


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