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[XForms] library bug in 94 ?

From: steven suddarth
Subject: [XForms] library bug in 94 ?
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 12:47:20 -0700
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I have an application that calls fl_flip_yorigin when it starts and in it I move a chart around to different places. I noticed a mysterious problem with the y position of the chart from calling set_object_position. By accident I commented
out the flip_y call and even though everything was moved around suddenly my
object moves were working. I found the following two line edit to objects.c
fixed the problem for me in flip mode:

    if ( y != obj->y )
        diff = y - obj->ft1;
        obj->ft1 += diff;
        obj->ft2 += diff;
        obj->fb1 -= diff;
        obj->fb2 -= diff;
        obj->y = y;

//SAS    if ( fli_inverted_y )
//SAS        obj->y = TRANY( obj, obj->form );

    if ( ! obj->parent )
        fli_recalc_intersections( obj->form );

    if ( visible )


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