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[XForms] gcc not found forms.h definitions

From: Sergey Klimkin
Subject: [XForms] gcc not found forms.h definitions
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 14:52:56 -0700 (PDT)

I have installed the program fdesign-xForms on the computer.
Has written a test program.
At compilation 2 objective files are created.
After that the compiler gcc informs that cannot collect objects in an executed file.
The compiler does not find definitions of functions which are in a file forms.h
Files forms.h and flimage.h also are there where they were established by the installation program - /usr/local/include/.

main header-file: survey.h
#include <forms.h>
/* Forms and Objects */
typedef struct {
    void      * vdata;
    char      * cdata;
    long        ldata;
    FL_OBJECT * Survey;
    FL_OBJECT * label1;
    FL_OBJECT * label2;
    FL_OBJECT * label3;
    FL_OBJECT * textbox1;
    FL_OBJECT * button1;
    FL_OBJECT * button2;
    FL_OBJECT * button3;
    FL_OBJECT * Input2;
    FL_OBJECT * check3btn;
    FL_OBJECT * check1;
    FL_OBJECT * check2;
    FL_OBJECT * check3;
    FL_OBJECT * combo1;
    FL_OBJECT * button0;
extern FD_SURVEYING * create_form_SURVEYING( void );

main c-file: survey_main.c
#include "survey.h"

slave c-file: survey.c
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "survey.h"

CC = gcc -Wall
OUTPUT = survey
$(OUTPUT): survey_main.o survey.o
    $(CC): survey_main.o -o $(OUTPUT)
survey_main.o: survey_main.c survey.h
    $(CC) -c survey_main.c -o survey_main.o
survey.o: survey.c survey.h
    $(CC) -c survey.c -o survey.o
    -rm *.o *~ -f

Here is how the terminal window looks.

address@hidden:~$ cd /home/sklimkin/projects/fdesign/surveyfd
address@hidden:~/projects/fdesign/surveyfd$ make
gcc -Wall: survey_main.o -o survey
survey_main.o: In function `main':
survey_main.c:(.text+0x2f): undefined reference to `fl_initialize'
survey_main.c:(.text+0x34): undefined reference to `create_form_SURVEYING'
survey_main.c:(.text+0x5e): undefined reference to `fl_show_form'
survey_main.c:(.text+0x63): undefined reference to `fl_do_forms'
survey_main.c:(.text+0x71): undefined reference to `fl_form_is_visible'
survey_main.c:(.text+0x83): undefined reference to `fl_hide_form'
survey_main.c:(.text+0x89): undefined reference to `fl_free'
survey_main.c:(.text+0x97): undefined reference to `fl_finish'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [survey] Error 1

What it is necessary to correct, that the program was compiled to an executed file?

Thankful in advance, Sergey.

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