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[XForms] radio buttons problem

From: Michal Szymanski
Subject: [XForms] radio buttons problem
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 16:11:04 +0100
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After rebuilding my old app with the new version of XForms I found it
working weirdly. The problem is related to the radio buttons behavior.

I have a group of radio buttons to make type-identification of variable
stars which light curves are displayed in another panel of the app's
window. The problem arises when I go to another star which does not have
any identification yet. The application unsets all the radio buttons (sets
them to zero) or, in a try-to-fix attempt, only that one which was "set"
for the previous object (did not fix anything). In the old version, build
with libforms.so.1 (not sure now which version of XForms in terms of 0.XX
it was), this works just fine. With new library, it gets screwed, leading
to multiple buttons set (yes, multiple radio buttons set!)

I remember some discussions regarding whether to allow all radio buttons
being unset and I have thought that it was decided to actually allow
that. Indeed, when the application starts, all buttons are unset. But,
apparently, once any of them gets set, there is no way to unset all.

Could this be fixed? There are many situations in which I would like to
have the option "single or no button set in a radio group". I can probably
rewrite my apps without using the radio buttons but, maybe, the community
would agree that my idea is worth implementing (fixing).

regards, Michal.

  Michal Szymanski (msz at astrouw dot edu dot pl)
  Warsaw University Observatory, Warszawa, POLAND

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