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Re: [XForms] Canvas / button interaction

From: Ivan Powis
Subject: Re: [XForms] Canvas / button interaction
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 13:46:09 -0000

 ... Just a thought, but I remember a similar issue under
similar circumstances occurring a while back. It even got to the
silly stage where with two systems seemingly running identical
software version numbers one would be OK, the other not.
Eventually tracked it down to the build rather than library
version numbers - on one the X server seemed to have been built
without (in this case if I remember correctly) the "Composite"
extension. I never went further into this, just rebuilt that
Xserver from source.

It may be worth checking that your new X server has all the
expected extensions built in (xdpyinfo) and/or that the card
driver supports them? Of course I've no idea which extensions
xforms would expect but ....

I'm sorry this is not a technically well informed response, but
its an idea for something else to check.


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> Hi Clive,
> On Thu, Feb 09, 2012 at 11:14:59AM +0000, Clive Stubbings
> > I have recently been doing that dreaded periodic fork-lift
> > update. It always throws up some troublesome issues. This
one is 
> > particularly wierd.
> > 
> > I have an old app, been working for years. Tried running it 
> on a new 
> > system and various bits of the gui didn't display right. It
> > like a 'flush' issue but fl_update_display() did not help. 
> . However 
> > the issue shows up even if I run the old app on the old 
> system but put 
> > just the display over the network onto the new platform. 
> New platform 
> > is Arch Linux. Building against different libraries didn't
> > anything. The arch xforms package is 1.0.94pre4-1, I was
> > something older..
> > 
> > I boiled it down to the example below. If the canvas object 
> is created 
> > then the checkbutton does not light when you press it. If 
> the canvas 
> > object is not created, the check button works fine. I 
> believe that the 
> > object sees the mouse button press because in the bigger 
> app, I could 
> > see callbacks happening.
> > 
> > On my old system this works fine in both cases. So my take 
> is this is 
> > an X server interaction issue with a new Xorg. The X is 
> X.Org X Server 
> > 1.11.4 Release Date: 2012-01-27, X Protocol Version 11,
Revision 0.
> > Or am I missing something obvious.
> Not anything I could see - looks like an absolutely correct 
> program. Alas, I also can't reproduce it with a slightly 
> older XOrg version of 1.10.4. And a short look at the code 
> for drawing the checkbutton also doesn't show anything I 
> would consider to be strange. But the connection with the 
> existence of a canvas object is really "interesting". Might 
> be interesting to look if the draw_checkbutton() function in 
> checkbut.c is called at all. If it does the first thing I 
> would suspect is some clipping issues, otherwise something 
> really strange must be going on. Another thing that could be 
> interesting to check is if it makes a difference if one swaps 
> the creation of the canvas and the checkbutton in the code...
> Unfortunately, I won't be able to update to a newer XOrg 
> version at the moment, so I can't make promises when I will 
> be able to try to reproduce the problem on my machine.
>                            Best regards, Jens
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