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[XForms] Suggest addiing documentation for fl_XFlush

From: Rick Engebretson
Subject: [XForms] Suggest addiing documentation for fl_XFlush
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 19:11:47 -0500
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After reading a little about Xlib programming, it was clear that flushing the buffer that is written to the X Server was important for automation and animation. I didn't find anything in the documentation, but I did find the function fl_XFlush in the file "forms.h"

It makes a difference in a little canvas program, completing the display draw before a sleep is called in the application.

Should anybody care, I put some FreePascal XForms binding units and demos up in HTML. The HTML format shows the 8 space tab, but if copied into an editor with 4 space tabs it looks OK. It seems to work on opensuse 12.2, and freepascal 2.6.2, and needs a "cursorfont.inc" file from eg. the freepascal distribution.



Anyway, I've been looking for a toolkit like this for a long time. Thanks.

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