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Re: [XForms] EXTERNAL: Any test results for new pre-release?

From: Turnage, Justin
Subject: Re: [XForms] EXTERNAL: Any test results for new pre-release?
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 21:49:54 +0000

I'll have to condense it down and see if I can duplicate it on a smaller 
standalone program.  The data I'm plotting is from several hardware sources 
that are outputted real-time to the xyplot object.  


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Subject: Re: EXTERNAL: [XForms] Any test results for new pre-release?

Hi Justin,

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 03:07:23PM +0000, Turnage, Justin wrote:
> I have done some conversions of my original code from using xforms 1.0 
> and some tests with this release 1.0.94pre19 version. The only 
> problems that I have been dealing with is with the xyplot functions. I 
> keep getting corrupted double linked list, corrupted memory errors and 
> malloc errors reported by gcc during runtime when clearing out the 
> xyplots. Has there been any changes to that area? Or is anyone else having 
> this issue?

Would you be able to give me that program for testing purposes only, of course? 
I don't have any programs that make much use of the xyplot widget and thus it's 
difficult for me to debug the problem - and something that is known to break 
things is al- ways the best starting point. While I made some modifications to 
that widget I don't remember having changed anything about the internal data 
handling - but then xforms 1.0 is from a long time ago and lots of things could 
have happpend in the meantime.

                          Best regards, Jens
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