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Re: [XForms] New pre-release xforms-1.0.94pre28

From: Jens Thoms Toerring
Subject: Re: [XForms] New pre-release xforms-1.0.94pre28
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 00:29:42 +0100
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Hi Russ,

On Mon, Dec 09, 2013 at 05:53:53PM -0500, R P Herrold wrote:
> Are you aware of the Coverity Static code analysis program, 
> gratis for FOSS ?
>       http://scan.coverity.com
> and then the llvm / Clang analysis tools, which also are quite 
> good as validation tools against sources?

No, I'm not (I was a bit disappointed with static checkers
like lint etc. in the past and thus didn't pay enough much
attention to newer developments) but now realize that huge
steps have been taken in the last years. I definitely will
check them out and try to get the best out of them!

                      Best regards, Jens
  \   Jens Thoms Toerring  ________      address@hidden
   \_______________________________      http://toerring.de

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