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[XForms] fdesign

From: Serge Bromow
Subject: [XForms] fdesign
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 21:15:01 -0500
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Hi Jens,

I found a small bug in fdesign. You can replicate it using the following steps;

1) Start fdeisgn without a file spec in the "/home/you" folder.
2) Open an ".fd" file located in "/home/you/Videos" folder. In my case "xerr.fd".
3) Add what ever and save.

You will find the new files Videos.[c,h,fd] located in the "/home/you" folder. The "/home/you/Videos/xerr.fd" is untouched.

The old behaviour, if I am not mistaken was to save the files in the directory the ".fd" spec files was located. lol..

Looks like a folder name for spec name exchange. Is this a new feature??



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