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[XForms] some success and some problems with old code using version 1.3.

From: jos
Subject: [XForms] some success and some problems with old code using version 1.3.7
Date: Fri, 02 May 2014 19:36:29 +0200
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I've tried the new 1.3.7 release with success, which means the right mouse button can be used on a slider. So that is great! As a consequence I've been able to rejuvenate some old software. However I've found some odd behaviour with some other similarly old code ( from 1998 ! ):

1: the problem occurs in a callback function for fl_add_xyplot(ACTIVE_XY_PLOT, ... ) This function originally allowed to change the plotted values using a left mouse and a right mouse. When using xforms-1.0.90 and 1.0.91 the left mouse button allows to change the data points. The right mouse button does not.
My first versions were written with xforms ?.0.88 or some similar version.

When using xforms-1.3.7 using left mouse has no effect. It is not possible to move a data point. The right mouse does not allow this either. I can not find a fl_set_xyplot_mouse_buttons kind of function.
Has this been a deliberate change since 1.0.9x ? Is there a remedy?


2:  I used fl_get_menu to load and save content to and from my program.
Now all the code returns is a -1. It does not seem to recognize the menu tree at all.
This happens when using 1.3.7.
When using 1.0.9[01] all is well.
Has the library changed / should I recode this or have there
been no changes to this bit of code over the years (and might this be a bug) ?

Best regards,


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