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[XForms] How to do animated pixmap objects

From: Francis DUPUIS
Subject: [XForms] How to do animated pixmap objects
Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 12:23:49 +0200

Hi Xforms developers
I am working on a project of a remote audio mixing console using Xforms GUI
i would like to make graphical animated objects  like a rotary 5 postions button or analogic Vumeter based on pixmap include file. They are numerous...
i have explored  Xforms lib but i really  do not know how to do these animations.
By example , a 5 positions button 100*100 pixels, the associated pixmap is 100*500 pixels  (or  500*100) ..
and each sub-pixmap is a drawing of a position
first position display  x=0 y=0 of the pixmap 
2nd position                 x^0 y=100
3rd                                 x=0 y=200
and so on.
here is another example with a  2 positions button
i have written :
.#include "but1.xpm" // 2 state button image 64*128 pixel
obj=fl_add_pixmapbutton (FL_PUSH_BUTTON, 966, 300, 64, 64,  "" );
fl_set_pixmapbutton_data(obj, but_xpm );
fl_set_object_boxtype (obj, FL_NO_BOX);
it works and display a part of the pixmap
what i need is a set of  routines  that can offset  x or Y the displayed part of pixmap
maybe something like
fl_set_pixmapbutton_data2(obj, but_xpm, offset_x, offset_y )
and that work with routines like
fl_set_button_value(obj, val); and fl_ get_button_value
fl_set dial value(obj,val); and fl_get_dial_value
also the slider  and postionner
any idea  how to do this?
it seem complicated but will be great improvement of Xforms lib and there users.
Can you help me.
Best Regards
Sorry for my poor english , il is not my native language  (France)

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