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[XForms] Font issues

From: oleuthold
Subject: [XForms] Font issues
Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 19:49:40 -0700
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after upgrading from Mint9 to Mint13, I noticed that fontsize and fontstyle in my GUIs were ignored. Finally I took some time to get to the bottom of the problem. My observations: 1. Mint9 has the Xforms default font Helvetica installed, whereas it is missing in Mint 13. 2. When the default font is missing, another one is substituted (which one? by xforms? by X11?) 3. The fonts available to Xforms can be found using the xlsfonts command or the xfontsel graphic utility. 4. The Xforms demo fonts.c can be used to view the different fonts with different sizes. 5. Some of the fonts do not scale properly (for example 10 and 12 are same size, 11 smaller than 10). 6. I can install xfonts-100dpi, which contains the Helvetica font. However this is really against the spirit of Linux; I guess that's why the font was removed in later versions of the Mint distro.

Here comes my question: would it be possible to include a free default font with Xforms, such that GUIs look the same on all distros? Some designers spend a lot of time arranging the widgets to produce something nice, but if the particular font is missing, then this effort can be wasted, and the GUI may look terrible. Any other ideas how to deal with font issues?

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