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Re: [XForms] Looking for simple example

From: jon
Subject: Re: [XForms] Looking for simple example
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 14:34:33 +0000

Thanks for all the help. Sorry if you are getting tired of my
questions ! I have printed the xforms documentation and hope to find
more time to study it in more detail.

Currently I have created a single form for my application, seems to be
working well. All the buttons and sliders are functional and I have
working network code behind it.

I struggle a little with all the nested pointers and structures so the
final part of the project are proving frustrating.

What I am trying to do now is to make a new version of the application
basically with tabbed windows. 

Excuse the ASCII art, but something like this.

  |   Form1        Form2
  | _________________________________
  | |Frame here, replace with form1 or form2
  | |
  | |

The idea is that 3 forms are created, the outer one, I called "selector"
is the main window. 

Form1 and Form2 are the inner forms, I see from the fl_show_form()
documentation I can have a window with no border.  What I am trying to
do is to use the top left of the frame as an anchor for the top left of
form1 OR form2, pushing the button displays one or other form on (or
over) the frame.

I want all the forms "active" as I need to modify controls on them even
if not visible - but I only want the selected from1 or form2 visible in
the inner window.

I have tried to create this in form designer, looks promising, but when
I try and add the code it segfaults when pushing the form buttons.

I cant find a similar example in the xforms demos.

Final question, I still cant find a useful example of modifying pixmap
data on the fly. I can see fl_get_pixmap_data() and fl_set_pixmap_data()
but they seem to have very little in the way of documentation, and as
usual for X related things any documentation around the subject assumes
you are already an expert in X internals. I am more used to a raw
framebuffer ..... 


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