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Re: [XForms] Bug?

From: jon
Subject: Re: [XForms] Bug?
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2015 11:07:31 +0000

On Mon, 2015-01-05 at 10:45 +0100, Jens Thoms Toerring wrote:
> Hi Jon,
>     I just had a bit of a look at the flimage code
> and run a few tests. As far as I can see all files
> get closed again, so I don't think it's related to
> running out of file handles (at least I could open
> more than 10000 images and nothing bad happened).
> But there's something else I noticed:
> > image=flimage_load("/tmp/cam1m.jpg");
> > if (image)
> > {
> >         flimage_display( image, FL_ObjWin( fd_hc_legacycams->camview1 ) );
> >         flimage_free(image);
> >         flimage_close(image);
> Here you're doing something forbidden: flimage_free() does
> already closes the file and also releases all memory for
> the structure pointed to by 'image'. Thus after calling
> flimage_free() you're not allowed to use that pointer
> anymore, also not for flimage_close() since it now points
> to memory you don't "own" (and may have become reused for
> something else.
> If your intention was to close the file but still be able
> to use the image (in memory) call flimage_close() - this
> only closes file handles. Call flimage_free() only when
> you're done with the image in memory. If you don't call
> flimage_close() flimage_free() will close the files for 
> you automatically, so flimage_close() is actually only
> needed for cases where you load a lot of images that you
> want to keep in memory while avoiding to run out of file
> descriptors. Otherwise calling it is redundant.

As always thanks for great advice :-)

The code started with just flimage_free(), I added the flimage_close()
later in attempt to make it behave.

With the help of your ulimit suggestion I think I have found the
issue :-)

I have two processes running, one reading jpegs from a camera server and
the xforms code displaying it.  Every so often the reader process grabs
a bad image.

I managed to catch it at a point when /tmp/cam8m.jpg is broken. If I now
run this code with a ulimit -n 10 it fails very quickly, about 8 seconds

Maybe the corrupt image causes the image code to leave a file open.

This project is just for fun so no silly NDA issues.

I have written a number of quick hacks to test things, I will then write
some proper code in style of well known TV scifi series using the touch
screens :-)


Attached should be enough to duplicate the problem.

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