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Re: [XForms] nesting

From: Patrick
Subject: Re: [XForms] nesting
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 21:45:12 -0400
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On 08/31/2015 03:25 PM, Jens Thoms Toerring wrote:
Hi Patrick,

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 01:26:02PM -0400, Patrick wrote:
I don't actually need to create a new class yet, I am just looking
to compartmentalize code and name container widgets by topics, much
the same way one could with hbox and vbox under GTK. So for example
chart buttons could go with a chart and this might nest under
another topic and so on.
Sorry, but I feel that I still don't understand:-( And I
actually don't know much about GTK - I had a look once but
abandoned that when I found out that you can't use it with
programs that must be setuid'ed or setgid'ed (which I need
for my stuff to be able to get at device files).

Currently I trying to use xfroms to write a free program to help
disabled children communicate but I also have interests in
scientific software. I buy, refurbish and resell scientific
instruments. One of the most common ones I have carried is the
Aminco Bowman Series II luminance spectrometer. Looks like you work
with Raman.
I've never done Raman myself, just writtens some stuff for
people that did - I did, in a different life;-), mostly
EPR stuff.

You are currently recommending GPIB2 but I think your driver may be
more valuable, please promote it.
All I have is a driver more than 10 years old (at the time
just before the sourceforge linux-gpib project was started)
for some ISA cards with a certain chip. That's really nothing
that's useful anymore, sorry. I've only left it on my web page
for the off-chance that someone with such an old GPIB card
is looking for something which may or may not get it to work.
I haven't seen one of these cards in use for at least 5 years.
So it's nothing remotely comparable with anything from the
linux-gpib project.

GPIB2 looks to be abandoned and unloved:

The original author/maintainer, Frank Mori Hess, did indeed
quit, but as far as I know someone else has taken over as the
maintainer and there's a new version from just 10 days ago.
So it's not really abandoned but still under active develop-
ment. And whenever I had to deal with a new GPIB card in the
last few years it always worked out of the box with the drivers
from linux-gpib. So I don't think I could do any better;-)

                         Best regards, Jens
Hi Jens

I Feel like I am wasting your valuable time with this nesting thing. I will be okay without nesting, it's just that it is easier for me to think in these terms(and I probably should not).

GTK uses a totally different method by default for placing widgets. When widgets are added to a vbox they are arranged top to bottom vertically by default. When widgets are added to an hbox they are added left to right by default.

People nest these boxes over and over again. An application could be split into top and bottom halves by creating one vbox to hold the whole application and then upper and lower hboxes could be added. Widgets could then be added to the bottom hbox to create buttons and a status bar and widgets could be added to the top hbox to create, let's say a canvas on one side and buttons on the other etc.

Although GTK can place widgets at specific pixel positions generally the layout is arranged with lots of vboxes and hboxes and other container widgets designed to hold widgets. Maybe this just isn't so useful in xforms as widgets are placed at X Y coordinates.

I am glad that the Linux GPIB project has worked out for you.

It was alarming for me to hear it's main creator talk about it in such harsh terms though. It's quite large and does many things, perhaps too many things like controlling GPIB devices from PHP. Have you ever had a look at the source code? Do you think it is good quality? I haven't looked for a few years and didn't have the skills to form an opinion about it.

Your work might be older but if it's smaller and cleaner maybe it is worth updating.

Thanks for all your help-Patrick

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