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[XForms] Unwanted behavior with radio buttons (with possible fix!)

From: SBP
Subject: [XForms] Unwanted behavior with radio buttons (with possible fix!)
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 22:28:51 -0500

Hi all

I'm having the following unwanted behavior with xforms-1.2.4:

I have a set of three radio buttons on the same group, and I've set all
three buttons to respond only to left mouse clicks. After this, when I
right click on any of the two non-set buttons in the group, the one
that is set loses its color highlighting, yet keeps being set.

I think this is a bug, as it seems the non-set buttons are responding
to those right clicks, and are somehow stealing the highlighting
from the button that is set.

Looking at the source I have traced the issue to the file handling.c,
as it seems that fli_handle_form calls fli_do_radio_push whenever a
mouse button is pushed inside the form and over a radio button,
regardless of the mouse buttons active for the button. Thus,
fli_do_radio_push should be made to honor the active mouse buttons for
the radio button, however as do_shortcut calls fli_do_radio_push with a
left mouse push, if left mouse were to be disabled, shortcuts wouldn't

I think two changes are in order. Modify fli_do_radio_push to honor the
active mouse buttons for the radio button being pushed, and modify the
way do_shortcut pushes a radio button. For the latter I propose adding
another possible value to the 'key' argument that corresponds to a
shortcut's push.

What do you think?



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