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[XForms] image editing

From: Rick Engebretson
Subject: [XForms] image editing
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2016 05:30:24 -0500
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Please excuse my lack of code examples. I'm still using an updated FreePascal XForms-toolkit that makes sense to me, but nobody else.

Anyway, trying to modify an FL_IMAGE_PACKED type "flimage" structure has not worked. I did not see the function "flimage_invalidate_pixels(im)" described in detail, and I don't know all the convert steps taken before the ximage is put on the screen. I know from reading the library code that the 32bit packed pixel bytes are converted to a RGB image type. I have tried the flimage->modified trick without success. A brand new flimage works. But the getmem/freemem doesn't.

The use of Pascal static arrays to feed the flimage matrix works nicely. Doing application level image array editing in Pascal with modern PC CPUs and memory doesn't even make a mark on system load. A clean, well documented XForms-toolkit image flow chart would be helpful.

BTW, Forms Library Version 1.2 is very nice. Thanks.

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