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Re: [XForms] clock object with selector for show_seconds

From: Brian Tiffin
Subject: Re: [XForms] clock object with selector for show_seconds
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 17:19:11 -0400
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Jens Thoms Toerring wrote:
> Hi Brian,
>     thank you for your patch! As you will find if you check
> out the newest version in the git repository I've used most
> of it but also applied a few additional changes to clock.c,
> which required a few deviations from your patch. I also up-
> dated the demo program a bit more to now show all available
> versions of the clock (with and without am/pm and with and
> without seconds). Documentation is updated.
Cool.  Will look at the git tree.  Thanks for the update Jens.  I found
the clocks very handy and a nice touch for a GUI, but they are a lot
less distracting by limiting the updates to every minute (or the nice
touch of the minute hand slightly moving every 10 seconds).

XForms in GnuCOBOL is already attracting a little bit of attention. 
Using external libraries and CALL moves some COBOL programmers a bit
outside of their comfort zone, so it's nice to see the interest pick
up.  GnuCOBOL uses C intermediates and it provides a lot of new power to
mainstay COBOL programming.  The best of both worlds so to speak.

XForms is a nice incentive it seems.

> If you find the time to test it and observe any issues
> please let me know!
About to rebuild the 1.2.5pre
> Can you - or someone else - please help me a bit with am/pm
> usage? While I know what it means but it's not used where I
> live, so I'm unsure what's the correct usage.
> At the moment the digital clock shows e.g. 0:00 pm to 0:59 am
> for the hour after midnight and 12:00 am to 12:59 pm for the
> hour following noon. Is that correct? I've never really paid
> attention to that, but I remember to have seen 12:00 am to
> mean 0:00 (modnight) and 12:00 pm to stand for 12:00 (noon).
> And what about the hour after midnight or noon? Do you use
> 12:30 am for 0:30 and 12:30 pm for 12:30? Or something else?
> Or is that something that differs depending in which country
> (or just state) you live in?
23:59 is pm, 00:00 midnight is the change to am.
11:59 (minute before noon is still am)  12:00 noon is the change to pm.

12:00 midnight is am, 11:59 (night) is pm.
12:00 noon is pm, 11:59 (day) is am.

Have good, make well,
>                           Best regards, Jens

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