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[XForms] More memory management fixes

From: ЭлектроРысь
Subject: [XForms] More memory management fixes
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 17:11:45 +0700
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I did recently developed a small library similar to malloc package which
allocates memory from a fixed, programmer provided area such as a static
fixed byte array.
I used it in my small project where XForms is involved and again, I
reassigned fl_malloc/fl_free/fl_realloc/fl_calloc pointers to it, so it
manages XForms memory too.
Because my program involves working with passwords and other sensitive
data, I do erase my fixed memory area upon program exit, in which my
small memory management package allocates objects.

However I found again that not everywhere XForms calls the function
pointers as it intended to do. Some places call just plain malloc or
realloc instead of fl_malloc and fl_realloc, and my memory manager
package complains.

This small patch attached should fix it. I did grep in other places of
library and I think it is complete fix. My program with embedded memory
manager does not complain now and happily deallocates all the memory it
was requested.

494 lives.

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