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[XForms] fdesign 1.2.5pre1 box

From: jon
Subject: [XForms] fdesign 1.2.5pre1 box
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 05:03:10 +0100

If I put down a "box" and set its "BoxType" to "No box" then the c
generated looks like this:

obj = fl_add_box( FL_UP_BOX, 30, 60, 260, 50, "hello" );

I would expect:
obj = fl_add_box( FL_NO_BOX, 30, 60, 260, 50, "hello" );

I know it sounds a little nuts, but boxes with a different colour make
a nice contrasting block to put text in. If this is by design to force
a box type then that is ok.


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