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[XForms] Text moving up ?

From: jon
Subject: [XForms] Text moving up ?
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2018 14:15:06 +0100

I have a line of text, create_form looks like this:

    fdui->comment = obj = fl_add_text( FL_NORMAL_TEXT, 40, 230, 940, 30, "Arc" 
    fl_set_object_color( obj, FL_COL1, FL_LIGHTER_COL1 );
    fl_set_object_lcolor( obj, FL_BLUE );

If I place text in it like this it works fine:

    fl_set_object_label(fd_serversettings->comment,"A text string");

The following writes the text, but the entire line moves upwards several pixels?


I added this for debug
    printf("len=%d\n",strlen(msgcm->comment)); fflush(stdout);

Claims text is 61 chars.  If I try the same 61 chars like this:

Archiver not configured, no archive path");

It works without moving the text?

Anyone any ideas ?

The structure member comment is defined as char[2048]


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