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[XForms] Bug report (2) xforms-1.2.5pre1 Documentation

From: jon
Subject: [XForms] Bug report (2) xforms-1.2.5pre1 Documentation
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2020 15:21:37 +0000
User-agent: Evolution 3.36.4-0ubuntu1

Slight stutter in places, search for "the the" in xforms.pdf

Cahapter 3 Defining Forms

"are valid font names, the first form may be re-scalable while the the
second is not."

12.1 External Filters
"Form Designer invokes the the external filter with"

15.6.4 Other Pixmap Routines
"Then you can use the following routine to change the the pixmap"

17.2.4 Other Scrollbar Routines
"By default, if the mouse is pressed beside the the sliding bar"

18.3 Input Interaction
"t is possible to remap the the bindings, see below for details."

Chapter 18 Input Objects
"places the the cursor after the first character of the word"

"to get the object handle to the scrollbars and change the the object
type forcibly."

"As an alternative you could request that the browser object gets
returned (or a callback invoked) when the the scrollbar positions are

Chapter 20 Container Objects
"The reason for this behavior is that presumably the application does
not care while the changes take place and they only become relevant
when the the folder"

"where offset is a positive number, measuring in pixels the offset from
the the natural"

Chapter 21 Other Objects

"The array index is the plot id, i.e., key[0] is the key for the base
plot, key[1] the key for the the first overlay etc."

21.3.3 Canvas Interaction
"When a canvas handler is installed the library tries to set the
correct mask for the the XEvent"

21.3.6 OpenGL Canvas

"To obtain the the glx context (for whatever purposes), use"

22 Popups
"they are shown on a call of the function [fl_popup_do()], page 208,
which returns when the the user"

Chapter 23 Deprecated Objects
"The the function returns the menu item ID. In the simplest possible
case this is just the position of the menu item (starting at 1)."

"while the the hotkey strings"

Chapter 27 The Type FL_OBJECTS
"If non-zero this indicates the the maximum elapsed time"

28.3 Mouse Handling

"The functions return the ID of the window the mouse is in. Upon return
x and y are set to the mouse position relative to the form or window
and keymask contains information on modifier keys (same as the the

Chapter 32

"The the type of unit in use can be queried or set via the functions"

"For the the location and size of the window controlled by place the
following possibilities exist:"

Chapter 37 Images

"Taken the window offset and the subimage together, the more accurate
statement of the functionality of the the function"

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