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[XForms] Segfault on AIX5.3 / gcc2.9 from fl_finish()

From: Ulisse Monari
Subject: [XForms] Segfault on AIX5.3 / gcc2.9 from fl_finish()
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2021 07:36:29 +0200

Hi XForms developers,

In compiling and testing demos from XForms 1.2.4 on AIX5.3 / gcc2.9
a segfault/core-dump showed up from flresource.c/fl_finish()

My correction was a single line on flresource.c/fl_initialize(...) on line 1179
followed by a rebuild. This is the diff output:

<                 XCloseIM( fli_context->xim );
>                 XCloseIM( fli_context->xim ); fli_context->xim = NULL;

Best regards

Ulisse Monari
TPER S.p.A. - Ufficio Ricerca e Sviluppo
via di Saliceto 3 - 40128 Bologna - www.tper.it
tel. +39.051.350527 - mail:ulisse.monari@tper.it

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