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[XForms] How to change an objects Label ?

From: Coby Hochstein
Subject: [XForms] How to change an objects Label ?
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2021 09:08:28 -0700
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I'm trying to update a button label, but the text keeps overlapping with the old text.

if I do the following , the text "1" and "2" will overlap each other.

It seems that I need to memcpy the label into the Button label address .. do I need to use fl_get_obect_label to get the address of the button label ?

Please let me know specifically what to do, and do I need to call fl_check_forms() after the change ?

I have something like this:

char Label[10] = {0};

Label = "1";

fl_set_object_label(Form->Button,(char *) Label);

Label = "2";

fl_set_object_label(Form->Button,(char *) Label);

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