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[XForms] Segmentation faults on menu and choice objects

From: Oskar Leuthold
Subject: [XForms] Segmentation faults on menu and choice objects
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2022 21:15:09 -0700
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     about half a year ago I moved from Mint18 to Mint20 (which is based on Ubuntu "focal"). I found recently that all of my applications cause segmentation faults when trying to select an item on a choice widget. I recompiled xforms-1.2.4 with the demo option and reviewed all examples. The following produce the fault: choice, demotest (on tab ChoiceObj, Choice1), folder (choiceObj, button Choice1), group (Menu, Option1), jbrowser (jpeg),itest (subpixel, exact, center), menu (Color1, Color3; Color2 is OK, Color4 weird), popup (Menu, Button, Choice1), pup (coming near Button1 or Button2), thumbwheel.

Is this the same problem as in https://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/xforms-development/2021-06/msg00002.html
Re: [XForms] Problem with fdesign (fdesigns menu bar) (fwd)

What is the  solution?
Is there a library anywhere which has this problem fixed (this probably affects every user of the library) ?

Thanks for your help
         Oskar Leuthold

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