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Re: [Xnee-devel] Questions about xnee, particularly speed

From: Randy Kramer
Subject: Re: [Xnee-devel] Questions about xnee, particularly speed
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 05:47:35 -0800 (PST)

Note: I had to (re)send this from a yahoo address because of an issue with my ISP.

Henrik (hesa),

Thanks for this email and your edits on

Let me also offer an apology, and some (irrelevant) feedback (along with
an irrelevant excuse).

I should have corrected the page shortly after your first response.

The irrelevant excuse is that shortly after I wrote to you the first
time, my (home) mail server hard drive crashed and I started devoting
time to getting it back up, and eventually digressed to other things.
(I hadn't learned enough about Linux yet to know how to (easily) do a
back up, so I don't have one -- I had / have some hope of recovering the
data as I can read or see some things on the hard drive.)

I have not tried running xnee since that first attempt.  Sometime after
I get the email
server running with a regular backup procedure I'd expect to get back
into that effort.

Thanks again for the feedback on the wiki page, including the pointer to
xkeymouse!  (I will probably add a little more clarifying my fault in
not updating the page sooner.)

Thanks also for your efforts in developing xnee!

Randy Kramer

Henrik Sandklef (GNU) wrote:
> 1) xnee does not replay slow. It usually replays at the same 'speed' as
> when recorded.

Thanks for that clarification!  That probably explains my perception of
slowness, and something I'll want to adjust (probably, at least
partially as you suggest, by deleting or minimizing the synchronization

> 2) we have responded (twice now)

Yes, you have!  Thanks, and again, sorry for not updating the wiki page.

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