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[Xnee-devel] Error on display .... <display number> is reported

From: Ariel Burbaickij
Subject: [Xnee-devel] Error on display .... <display number> is reported
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 19:28:00 +0200

Hello dear mailing list participants,
I do not know whether what follows is 
bug or feature, so I simply describe
what happens:

I use xnee in cygwin environment
( I was able to compile it without
  any problems after I have deleted
  reference to libdl in Makefile).
xnee is used to record events
for one application which is
being ran in what is sometimes
called displayback mode (i.e.
apllication was started remotely
and local X Server is used).
Application also opens multiple
subwindows (i.e. if one button
is clicked some configuration
menu or another window pops
up). xnee runs for some short
time and then exits with the
message "Error on display ....
<display number>." Where
display number refers to,
as I understood it,
Now I do not know whether xnee
supports the described configuration
at all (displayback, multiple windows).
All error output is saved in a file and
xnee was ran in verbose mode. I can
surely provide error output file if it is
required. I would very appreciate
your help with this issue.

With Best Regards
Ariel Burbaickij

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