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Re: [Xnee-devel] Self-centered window recordings originally made in Linu

From: Henrik Sandklef
Subject: Re: [Xnee-devel] Self-centered window recordings originally made in Linux does not replay in MS-Windows
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 22:25:56 +0100

On Fri, 2006-01-13 at 14:24 +0200, Veijo Ryhänen wrote:
> Hello,
> here are instructions how to reproduce subject's problem:
> 1. Start Linux and X-windows (equipped with some window manager which
>    draws title bars to all windows).

Linux is a kernel. For more information, please read:

>   Start Xnest by using command :Xnest :1& DISPLAY=:1 xterm &

But I figure that you had a window manager running when recording? YOu
should start that in XNest as well. SImple set the DISPLAY=:1 and start
the same wm as when recording. This way you should get the same size of

But I think an easier way would be to use gdmXnestchooser, like this
(just a suggestion):

   gdmXnestchooser --xnest="Xnest -geometry 600x400+0+0 :1"

Then you'll get your wm running the same way as when logging in as
normal :)

> Now you are "simulating" Microsoft Windows and some
> win32 Xserver software running in MS-Windows
> WITHOUT any window manager -> so there is no title bar
> in xterm.

You can start a window manager in Windows+Xserver as well. A window
manager is (basically) like any other X program, well almost like any
other program.

> Explanation: If window manager is used when recording, title
> bar height will "push" the whole self centering window little 
> bit downwards on the screen. When replaying without titlebar
> the whole self centering window will move little bit uppwards.
> The difference is enough big so that mouse click does not hit 
> to the "Close" -button.

You cannot compare positions with a wm running to positions with a wm

> You can see the difference by using command:
>    xwininfo|grep upper-left
> For example, I was recording with titlebar and using "xwininfo" 
> to check "gnome-about" -window dimensions when screen resolution 
> was 1280+x1024:
>   Absolute upper-left X:  355
>   Absolute upper-left Y:  335
> When replay without X-wm titlebar = replay with MS-Windows native
> titlebar:
>   Absolute upper-left X:  351
>   Absolute upper-left Y:  314
> Difference in Y -direction is 335-314 = 21 pixel. 
> My guess is that titlebar height is 21 pixel too.
> Difference in X -direction is 355-351 = 4 pixel. 
> My guess is that frameline width is 4 pixel too.

... same all the way. You have to start the same wm as when recording,
other wise things are not the same, which is a basis for replaying.

> I would like to solve this problem (when replay without
> titlebar) by using command:

gdmXnestchooser and the same wm as when recording solves this as well.

>   xnee --replay --offset -21,-4 -f gnome-about.xnee
> "--offset -21,-4" means: xnee will remove 21 pixel 
> from every recorded x -coordinate and xnee
> will remove 4 pixel from every recorded y -coordinate
> during replay.
> Unfortunately, there is no --offset switch available
> currently in xnee. Propably I am the only person who
> would like to use the --offset -switch ?
> Maybe it is very rare situation when recording must be done
> in Linux -computer (because there is no RECORD -extension
> available in MS-windows X-server) and replay must be done
> by using several different usernames and several different
> MS-Windows+MSWindows native Xservers (because here 
> in work is only one Linux x-server available, ie. my dualboot 
> workstation).

A really great thing about Xephyr is that the host doesn't have to have
RECORD enabled or even built. Xepthyr can be seen as a stand alone X
server running on a software graphic card (X window).

> Imagine situation where somebody records in Linux many days with
> xnee by using application which uses self-centered window. 
> And when he/she is trying to playback in MS-Windows X-server, he/she 
> will discover that it does not work! I had good luck, because
> I discovered this problem enough early. But I have used many 
> days to examine this problem.
> I think that this problem is not a bug in xnee. I think that this 
> is a lack of feature (=lack of --offset -switch) in xnee.

We will add it. Probably during the coming week. Please hold on for a
couple of days. Until then you can read the text (see above) about why I
do not call the OS Linux. I call it GNU/Linux. Read here:

best regards


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