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Re: [Xnee-devel] x server crashes after a few seconds.

From: Henrik Sandklef
Subject: Re: [Xnee-devel] x server crashes after a few seconds.
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2010 17:58:32 +0200
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 and thanks for your report.

Provide us with info

To get an idea of what's going wrong, we need some basic information about your system (e.g xnee version). Can you start by providing us log files from the cnee session:

cnee/src/cnee --record -o ./recordeddata.xnr --device-event-range 5-6 --time 5 --events-to-record 20 --verbose -e recordeddata.xne

It's looks as if you're running Gentoo, Linux 2.6.34, X.Org X Server 1.9.0.

Since your X server is crashing the important (i.e last) part of the log files may not be flushed down to disk before the crash so the following procedure is recommended:

1. Enable all clients to connect to your "sesion". Type the following in a terminal:
 xhost +
2. Go to a non X enviroment (e.g press Ctrl-Alt-F1)
   or login in remo anouther machine (ssh -X)
3. Launch cnee according to above
4. Get back to your initial session (that you want to record) and move the mouse
5. Send the log files

Test an old(er) version
If you try an old(er) version of cnee, does the same thing happen?


On 10/03/2010 12:54 PM, Tim Beaulen wrote:

While trying the following command:
cnee --record -o ./recordeddata.xnr --device-event-range 5-6 --time 5
--events-to-record 20

and moving the mouse for a few seconds, the x server crashes.
There is nothing in the logs that can tell me why it crashed (the log
is attached).

Can anyone tell me where I need to start looking?


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