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[Xnee-devel] Help on Solaris

From: Jake Colman
Subject: [Xnee-devel] Help on Solaris
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 12:24:22 -0500
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I am trying to use xnee on SPARC Solaris 10 using Sun Studio 12.

In order to have configure complete successfully (but with a warning
that it could not find libgnomeui-2.0), I used the following

./configure --prefix=$HOME/xnee --disable-gnome-applet --disable-xinput2

I successfully compiled cnee and xnee.

I am trying out examples in Section 2.1 of the manual and am having
problems the very simple recording session of Section 2.1.2.  I start
cnee as directed and after 5 seconds it says it's recording.  But no
matter what I type in the editor in second xterm nothing gets recorded.
I'm sure I am missing something obvious but what is it?

Incidentally, I am using XVNC to access my XServer.  But xpyinfo does
show that I have what it needs.



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