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[Z80asm-devel] geizigem

From: rabii kent
Subject: [Z80asm-devel] geizigem
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 02:21:55 +0200

Ru'mor N'e.w+s': O-ncolo*gy M+e-d_. I'n.c+. (OT'C: O-NCO) a Ca,ncer Treatm.e nt S-olution s Grou-p is s-a,i-d to h.a v e experien. ced o*v-e+r a 100.0% incr.ea se in re'v'enues f-o*r t,h.e fisc.al 3'r.d qu-arter endi.ng J.u*l'y*, 2'0-0'7 com.par'ed w-i-t+h t'h,e pr'ior y*e,a+r whil'e fisc*al fou'rth quar.ter re+sults f+o,r 2.0-0.7 a.r+e on

trac_k to excee'd t,h*i+s ye_ar’s th'ird quarte.r result's.

O.N'C_O add.i_tionally pla ns to incr+ea.se serv_ice offerin-g,s whi ch a.r-e c*urrentl*y un'de+rway. Do-n’t w.a_i.t f*o*r t h_e n.e_w_s to c.o-m_e o*u-t a,n_d l*o s-e t*h,e o pport+unity to g e't in f+ront of the gen'eral in.v-esting p ublic. Onc,olo-gy M.e.d is in a mul'tibillio,n do,llar ind+ustr_y w_h+e'r*e t*h'e+y a+r+e g_aining m_arket s-hare rapid_ly.

C'a,l+l y,o'u'r b'roker n.o*w f-o'r O N'C+O'.

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