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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
a2ps Announcements and discussion about GNU a2ps
a2ps-commit [no description available]
a2ps-patches a2ps patch submissions.
Accessibility [no description available]
adhoc GNU Ad HoC, a set of m4 macros to generate general-purpose portable shell scripts.
Af-test [no description available]
am-meeting LibrePlanet conference mailing list
Anastasis Discussions around GNU Anastasis
apps-gnustep For discussion related specifically to GNUstep applications.
archimedes-discuss bug reports, enhancements, general discussion of GNU Archimedes.
Archiver-bug [no description available]
Archiver-devel [no description available]
Artanis [no description available]
Aspell-announce [no description available]
Aspell-devel The New Aspell Develpment Mailing List
Aspell-user Help with using and installing GNU Aspell and general discussion.
association [no description available]
auctex General discussion about AUCTeX
auctex-commit CVS commit logs for AUCTeX
auctex-devel Discussion list for AUCTeX developers
auctex-diffs Complete diffs for CVS commits of AUCTeX
Audio-video [no description available]
Autoconf Discussion list for the autoconf build system
autoconf-archive-announce Receive announcments of new releases.
autoconf-archive-commits E-mail notifications for the Autoconf Archive git repository.
autoconf-archive-maintainers Autoconf Archive Shop Talk
Autoconf-commit Commits to the Autoconf git repository
Autoconf-patches Patches for autoconf - the GNU build system
autoconf-prs Autoconf problem reports.
Autogen-announce [no description available]
Automake Discussion list for automake
automake-commit git commit notices for Automake
Automake-ng An experimental fork of automake that targets GNU make only
automake-patches Patches for Automake
autonomous-discuss [no description available]
Autotools-announce Announcements about Autotools releases and test releases.
Banned Banned iPhone developers
Bash-announce Announcements concerning the Bourne-Again SHell
Bayonne-desktop gnome desktop telephony
Bayonne-devel For GNU Bayonne developers
Bayonne-testing [no description available]
Behistun [no description available]
Behistun-advocacy [no description available]
Behistun-analysis [no description available]
Behistun-asariamas [no description available]
Behistun-news [no description available]
Behistun-patches [no description available]
Behistun-regression [no description available]
Bino-list [no description available]
Bison-Announce Bison Release Announcements
bison-patches Bug fixes and other improvements to Bison
BPEL2oWFN-bug Bug report list for GNU BPEL2oWFN
bug-a2ps Bug reports for a2ps, the GNU any to PostScript filter
Bug-acm [no description available]
bug-alive [no description available]
Bug-anastasis List for reporting bugs in GNU Anastasis
Bug-anubis Bug reports for GNU Anubis
Bug-apl Bugs and suggestions for GNU APL
Bug-aris [no description available]
Bug-artanis [no description available]
bug-auctex Bug reporting list for AUCTeX
Bug-autoconf Bug reports for autoconf
Bug-autogen [no description available]
bug-automake Bug reports for Automake
bug-avl GNU libavl mailing list
Bug-ballandpaddle General Ball and Paddle List for development/improvement
Bug-barcode [no description available]
bug-bash Bug reports for the GNU Bourne Again SHell
Bug-bayonne Bayonne Bug Reports
Bug-behistun [no description available]
bug-binutils GNU binutils bug reports
bug-bison Bug reports for Bison, the GNU parser generator
bug-c-graph Talk about C-Graph: development, bugs, features, and more
bug-ccd2cue GNU ccd2cue bug reporting
bug-cflow Bug reports for GNU cflow
bug-cgicc Bug reports for cgicc, the GNU C++ CGI library
Bug-classpath Bug reports for the GNU Classpath project
Bug-combine GNU Combine development discussion and bug reports
Bug-commoncpp Bug reports for Common C++
Bug-coreutils GNU coreutils Bug Reports
Bug-cpio Bug reports for GNU cpio
bug-cppi [no description available]
bug-CSSC Discussion of GNU CSSC, a clone of SCCS
bug-dap Bug reports for dap stats and graphics
Bug-datamash Questions, Discussions and bug reports for GNU Datamash
bug-ddd Bug reports for the GNU DDD graphical debugger frontend
Bug-ddrescue Bug reports for ddrescue, data recovery tool.
Bug-dejagnu [no description available]
bug-diffutils All diffutils discussion.
bug-dumb Bug reports for GNU DUMB, a free Doom engine
Bug-easejs [no description available]
bug-ed GNU ed bug reports, suggestions, general discussion.
Bug-edma GNU EDMA Bug Reporting List
bug-enscript Bug reports for GNU Enscript
Bug-fdisk Discussion of GNU fdisk.
Bug-ferret [no description available]
bug-findutils Bug reports for the GNU find utilities
Bug-fisicalab [no description available]
Bug-foliot [no description available]
Bug-freedink discuss GNU FreeDink
Bug-ftpsync [no description available]
Bug-fussy [no description available]
Bug-g-golf [no description available]
Bug-gama Bug reports for GNU Gama
bug-gawk Bug reports only for gawk.
Bug-gcal [no description available]
Bug-gengetopt Bug reports for gengetopt
bug-gettext Bug reports for GNU gettext
bug-gforth [no description available]
Bug-ggradebook Bug reports for GNU Gradebook
bug-ghostscript Bug reports and development for GNU GhostScript, the PostScript interpreter of the GNU project
bug-GIFT the buglist for the GNU Image Finding Tool
Bug-glean [no description available]
Bug-global Bug reports for GNU GLOBAL
Bug-glpk Bug reports for GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit)
Bug-gm [no description available]
Bug-gnash [no description available]
Bug-gnats Bug reports for GNATS, the GNU bug tracking system
Bug-gnu-chess Bug reports for GNU Chess
Bug-gnu-electric Bug reports for the GNU Electric CAD system
bug-gnu-emacs Bug reports for GNU Emacs, the Swiss army knife of text editors
bug-gnu-libiconv Bug reports for GNU libiconv
Bug-gnu-pw-mgr GNU Password Manager
Bug-gnu-radius Bug reports for GNU Radius
bug-gnu-shogi Bug reports for GNU Shogi
bug-gnu-smalltalk Bug reports for the GNU implementation of Smalltalk
bug-gnu-utils Bug reports for the GNU utilities
bug-gnuastro GNU Astronomy Utilities Bug reports
bug-gnubatch Discussion of bugs in GNUbatch
Bug-gnubg Bug reports for and general discussion about GNU Backgammon.
Bug-gnucap Bug reports for gnucap
Bug-GnuCOBOL GnuCOBOL bug reports and bug fixes
Bug-gnucomm GNUCOMM Developers List
Bug-gnudos Bug reports for GnuDOS
Bug-gnukart Main project mailing list
bug-gnulib Gnulib discussion list
Bug-GNUnet Report bugs in GNUnet
Bug-gnupod GNUpod users and developers discussion list
bug-gnuspool Bug reports for GNUspool
Bug-gnustep Bug reports for the GNUstep programming environment
bug-gnutrition Bug reports, including development and enhancement requests, for GNUtrition
bug-gnuzilla GNUzilla bug reports
bug-goptical [no description available]
bug-gperf Bug reports for GNU gperf
bug-gplusplus Bug reports for the GNU C++ compiler
bug-grep Bug reports for GNU grep
bug-groff Bug reports for the GNU version of nroff, troff et al
Bug-grub Bug reports for the GRand Unified Bootloader
Bug-gsl Bug reports for the GNU Scientific Library
bug-gsrc Discussion of the gsrc activity.
bug-gtypist To discuss and send bug reports, wishes and lessons for GNU Typist
bug-guile Bug reports for GUILE, GNU's Ubiquitous Extension Language
Bug-guile-cv [no description available]
Bug-guile-ncurses [no description available]
bug-Guix Bug reports for GNU Guix
bug-gv bug reports for gv
Bug-gwl [no description available]
bug-gzip GNU gzip discussion and bug reports.
bug-hello GNU Hello bugs and discussion.
bug-httptunnel Bug reports for GNU Httptunnel
Bug-hurd Bug reports for the GNU Hurd
Bug-hyperbole [no description available]
bug-idutils GNU idutils mailing list
bug-indent GNU indent discussion, bug reports, suggestions.
bug-inetutils Bug reports for the GNU Internet utilities
bug-inklingreader [no description available]
Bug-isofsmk [no description available]
Bug-jel Distributes bug reports, bug fixes and suggestions for improvements to the active maintainers of GNU JEL.
Bug-jwhois [no description available]
Bug-kawa [no description available]
bug-lib-gplusplus Bug reports for the GNU C++ standard library
bug-libextractor bug reports for libextractor
bug-libmatheval Bug reports for the GNU libmatheval.
Bug-librefm [no description available]
Bug-librejs [no description available]
bug-libsigsegv Bug reports for GNU libsigsegv
Bug-libtool Bug reports for the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool
bug-libunistring Bug reports for GNU libunistring
Bug-libxmi Bug reports for the GNU libxmi 2-D scan-conversion library.
bug-lilypond LilyPond Bug Reports
Bug-liquidwar6 Reporting bugs to Liquid War 6, a unique multiplayer wargame
bug-m4 Bug reports for the GNU m4 macro processor
Bug-mailutils Bug reports and feature requests for GNU mailutils
Bug-make Bug reports and discussion for GNU make
Bug-marst [no description available]
Bug-mcron mcron bug reports
Bug-mcsim bug reports for GNU MCSim
bug-mdk MIX Development Kit bug list
bug-mes Bug reports for GNU Mes
Bug-metahtml [no description available]
Bug-mifluz [no description available]
bug-miscfiles All aspects of GNU Miscfiles.
Bug-MIT-Scheme [no description available]
Bug-moe Bug reports for moe, a powerful and user-friendly text editor.
Bug-motti [no description available]
bug-mpria Bug reports for the GNU MPRIA Library
bug-myserver [no description available]
Bug-ncurses Bug reports for ncurses, the GNU implementation of curses
Bug-ocrad Bug reports for ocrad, the GNU OCR program.
bug-oleo Bug reports for the GNU Oleo spreadsheet program
bug-panorama Bug reports for GNU Panorama, a framework for 3D graphics
Bug-parallel bug reports for GNU parallel
bug-parted Bug reports for the GNU Parted disk partition editor
bug-patch Bug reports, suggestions, general discussion for GNU patch.
Bug-plotutils Bug reports for the GNU plotting utilities, including the libplot graphics export library.
Bug-powerguru [no description available]
Bug-prolog Bug reports for the GNU implementation of Prolog
Bug-proxyknife Bug reports for the GNU Customizable Proxy Hunter
Bug-pyconfigure [no description available]
bug-rcs Bug reports for the GNU Revision Control System
Bug-readline Bug reports for GNU readline library
bug-recutils GNU recutils development list
bug-rottlog rottlog bug and user discussion
bug-sather Bug reports for the GNU Sather language
Bug-sed [no description available]
bug-serveez Bug reports for the GNU serveez
Bug-shmm [no description available]
Bug-SnakeCharmer The buglist for SnakeCharmer, the GIFT's JAVA interface
Bug-spacechart [no description available]
Bug-sqltutor [no description available]
Bug-ssw [no description available]
bug-standards Feedback on the GNU Coding Standards.
Bug-stow Bug reports for GNU Stow
Bug-sysutils [no description available]
bug-tar Bug reports for GNU Tar
Bug-teseq Discussion list for GNU Teseq
bug-texinfo Bug reports for the GNU Texinfo documentation system
Bug-texmacs [no description available]
Bug-time Discussions and bug reports for GNU Time
bug-unrtf Bug reports for the GNU UnRTF
Bug-uucp [no description available]
bug-vc-dwim vc-dwim is a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool
bug-vcdimager [no description available]
bug-vmgen [no description available]
Bug-wget Primary discussion list for GNU Wget
Bug-womb [no description available]
Bug-XBoard XBoard and WinBoard bugs
Bug-xnee Report error/bugs in Xnee
Bug-xorriso Bug reports and support requests for GNU xorriso
Bug-zile [no description available]
Bugs-fm [no description available]
Build-inetutils [no description available]
Ccaudio-devel For GNU ccAudio developers
ccd2cue GNU ccd2cue help and support
Ccrtp-devel For GNU ccRTP developers
ccscript-devel GNU ccScript developers list
Cgicc-bug [no description available]
Cgicc-help [no description available]
Cgicc-info [no description available]
Classpath Discussion of the implementation of GNU Classpath libraries
Classpath-inetlib [no description available]
Classpath-patches Patch submissions and discussions for GNU Classpath
Classpath-testresults GNU Classpath (automatic) test results
classpathx [no description available]
Classpathx-crypto [no description available]
classpathx-javamail [no description available]
Commit-classpath Automatic administrative message (CVS, bugs, regressions).
commit-cvs-utils [no description available]
commit-gnue Commit notices for GNU Enterprise project
Commit-gnuradio Notifications of git commits for GNU Radio
commit-grub CVS commit notices for the GRand Unified Bootloader
Commit-hurd CVS commit notices for the GNU Hurd
Commit-inetutils CVS commit notices for the GNU Internet utilities
Commit-mailutils Commit notices for GNU mailutils
commit-womb [no description available]
config-patches Patches for the config.guess and config.sub scripts
Consensus Toward a GNU Consensus on Free Software for Social Networking
coreutils GNU coreutils General Discussion
coreutils-announce announcements about the GNU coreutils
cssc-users Mailing list for users of GNU CSSC
Dbd-signup [no description available]
ddd Discussion list for DDD, the GNU graphical debugger front end
Decotengu-devel [no description available]
DejaGnu The GNU Regression Testing Framework
Dejagnu-commit The Gnu Regression Framework CVS Commits
Denemo-devel User *and* developer discussion of Denemo
Denemo-user [no description available]
dev-serveez Developers list for the GNU serveez
devel-panorama Developers list for Panorama, the GNU framework for 3D graphics
Diffutils-devel [no description available]
directory-discuss [no description available]
Discuss-gnu-electric Discussion list for the GNU Electric CAD system
Discuss-gnu-gvb [no description available]
Discuss-gnuradio GNU Radio, the Free & Open-Source Toolkit for Software Radio
Discuss-gnustep Discussion list for the GNUstep programming environment
doc-gnuradio [no description available]
Dominion-discuss [no description available]
Dotgnu-announce [no description available]
Dotgnu-general [no description available]
Dotgnu-libjit [no description available]
Dotgnu-pnet [no description available]
dotgnu-pnet-commits DotGNU Portable.Net CVS commits list
Dotgnu-sc [no description available]
Dr-geo Dr. Geo, the GNU interactive geometry software
Edu-fr Liste générale (not only) francophone de promotion et d'information.
Edu-it Il Software Libero nella Scuola e nell'insegnamento
emacs-bidi Discussion of Emacs support for multi-directional text.
Emacs-bug-tracker Automated messages from the bug tracker at
Emacs-build-automation Discussions about automated building and testing of Emacs
Emacs-buildstatus [no description available]
Emacs-devel Emacs development discussions.
Emacs-diffs Mailing list for Emacs changes
Emacs-elpa-diffs [no description available]
emacs-erc General discussion about ERC
Emacs-humanities Discussions about using Emacs in the Humanities and related fields
Emacs-orgmode General discussions about Org-mode.
Emacs-tangents Emacs news and miscellaneous discussions outside the scope of other Emacs mailing lists
emacsconf-discuss General discussion about EmacsConf
emacsconf-org EmacsConf organizers
Emms-help [no description available]
epsilon-devel a list to discuss the development of GNU epsilon and GNU Jitter
Erc-announce ERC Announcements
Erc-commit [no description available]
Fencepost-users [no description available]
Findutils-patches Patch submission list for GNU findutils
Flossspeakher FLOSS Speaking opportunities and training resources, plus conversation about increasing said opportunities and resources
Fm-announce [no description available]
Fm-discuss [no description available]
Foliot-user [no description available]
fontutils-bugs GNU fontutils bug reports.
fontutils-commits Commits to the source repository.
Freedink-maintainers [no description available]
Freefont-announce News about free UCS scalable fonts
Freefont-bugs Free UCS scalable fonts development
Freeipmi-devel Developers' discussion list for FreeIPMI
Freetalk-dev [no description available]
fsf-community-team FSF Community Team
fsf-membercard-announce FSF Bootable USB Member Card Announcements
fsf-shop Customers of the Free Software Foundation shop
Fsfe-uk Free Software and the United Kingdom
Fsffr-oppose [no description available]
Fsfwww-translators-ru-discuss [no description available]
Fsukgov Free Software in UK Government
Ftba-commits [no description available]
Ftp-upload-report [no description available]
Ftpsync [no description available]
gash-devel Discuss the development of Gash
gawk-diffs Commits to the source repository.
Gcl-commits [no description available]
Gcl-devel [no description available]
Gcl-users [no description available]
Gforth Gforth discussion and announcements
GG-Network GNU Network Group discussions
ggradebook-devel [no description available]
Ghm-discuss Public discussion about GNU Hackers Meetings
Glean [no description available]
Global-commit [no description available]
glue Discussion list for GNU GLUE Links Users Everywhere, the GNU groupware project
Gm-devel A list for GNU Messenger development.
Gm-users [no description available]
GMediaServer-devel GMediaServer development
Gnash Gnash - The GNU Flash player
Gnash-commit Gnash CVS commit messages
Gnats-commit CVS commit messages
Gnats-diffs [no description available]
Gnats-prs Copies of bug tracking system messages
Gnatsweb-commit Gnatsweb CVS commit notifications
Gneuralnetwork Announcements and news about Gneural Network
Gnowsys-bug Gnowsys bug report list
Gnowsys-help GNOWSYS users list.
Gnowsys-info [no description available]
Gnu-c++-standards [no description available]
gnu-crypto-announce project release announcements
gnu-crypto-discuss [no description available]
gnu-emacs-sources GNU Emacs source code postings and patches
Gnu-html-info [no description available]
gnu-misc-discuss General GNU project and free software discussions
gnu-system-discuss Discussions about the development of the GNU system
Gnuae-commit for Git commit messages to GnuAE
Gnuastro-commits Commits to the Gnuastro Git repository
Gnuastro-devel GNU Astronomy Utilities Developers discussions
Gnubatch-2-discuss Discussion of the next release of GNUbatch
Gnucap-devel Developers list for gnucap.
GnuCOBOL-Messages message strings and translation issues for GnuCOBOL
GnuCOBOL-users List for general questions, user-oriented topics and announcements.
Gnucomm-privacy GNU Communication Privacy
gnugeneration-announce GNU Generation Announcements
Gnugeneration-discuss GNU Generation Discussion
gnugo-announce GNU Go announcements
gnugo-devel GNU Go development
gnuit-dev gnuit development/bugs/help
gnulib-tool-py [no description available]
Gnumed-bugs [no description available]
Gnumed-devel [no description available]
Gnump3d-devel [no description available]
Gnump3d-users [no description available]
GNUnet-developers Mailinglist for GNUnet developers
GNUnet-SVN Diffs from the GNUnet Subversion Repository
gnurobots GNU Robots
Gnuschool-help [no description available]
Gnushogi-devel [no description available]
Gnushogi-users [no description available]
gnuspeech-contact Communication about gnuspeech in general.
gnustandards-commit commits to the gnustandards repository.
Gnustep-cvs GNUstep commit log
Gnustep-dev Developers list for GNUstep, the GNU groupware evironment
Gnustep-webmasters Comments and discussion about GNUstep web pages
gnutrition-commits Commit notifications
gnuzilla-dev GNUzilla development discussions
Goptical [no description available]
Gpaint-develop [no description available]
Gpaint-list [no description available]
Gpaint-user [no description available]
Graphics-volunteers [no description available]
grep-commit CVS commit notices for GNU grep
Grep-devel [no description available]
groff [no description available]
Groff-commit [no description available]
Grub-devel The development of GNU GRUB
gsl-cvs CVS commits for the GNU Scientific Library
Gsrc-commit [no description available]
Gtick-devel gtick-devel
Gugve-project GNU Venezuela
Guile-commits Notifications of commits to the Guile repository
guile-cvs automated commit mail for guile.
guile-devel Developers list for Guile, the GNU extensibility library
Guile-matrix-devel Design and implementation of guile-matrix
Guile-rpc-bugs Bug reports and discussions around GNU Guile-RPC
guile-sources Guile source code postings and patches
guile-user General Guile related discussions
Guix-ci [no description available]
Guix-commits [no description available]
Guix-devel Development of GNU Guix and the GNU System distribution.
guix-europe [no description available]
Guix-patches [no description available]
Guix-Science [no description available]
GWANNO Mailing list for GNU enthusiasts in North-West UK
gwl-devel [no description available]
Gxmessage [no description available]
halifax-bugs a list that is likely to not be used
halifax-discuss list with general discussions about GNU HaliFAX
Health General GNU Health discussion and help
Health-announce GNU Health events and release announcements
Health-dev [no description available]
Health-es GNU Health en Español
Health-fr [no description available]
Health-i18n GNU Health localization
Health-it [no description available]
Health-pt [no description available]
Health-security GNU Health Security advisories (read-only)
help-3dldf For users to help each other with questions about 3DLDF.
Help-acm [no description available]
Help-autogen usage and installation help
Help-ballandpaddle [no description available]
Help-bash [no description available]
Help-behistun [no description available]
help-bison Users list for the GNU Bison parser generator
help-cfengine Users list for GNU cfengine
help-cgicc Users list for cgicc, the GNU C++ CGI class library
help-debbugs General discussion for the tracker at
Help-easejs General help and discussion of GNU ease.js.
Help-edma Help on GNU EDMA
help-emacs-windows Discussion forum for users of the GNU Emacs port to Windows
Help-ferret GNU Ferret users mailing list
Help-fussy [no description available]
Help-gawk [no description available]
Help-gengen Users list for gengen
Help-gengetopt Users list for gengetopt
help-ggradebook [no description available]
help-GIFT Helping you to run or hack the GIFT
Help-global Users list for GNU GLOBAL
Help-glpk Users list for GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit)
help-gnat Users list for GNAT, the GNU Ada implementation
Help-gnats General discussion about GNU GNATS
help-gnu-emacs Users list for the GNU Emacs text editor
Help-gnu-radius Users list for the GNU Radius project
help-gnu-utils Users list for the GNU utilities
help-gnuastro GNU Astronomy Utilities user help and discussion
help-gnubatch Help for GNUbatch users and installers
Help-gnucap Users help list for gnucap.
help-gnucomm Users list for the GNUCOMM telecomms proect
Help-gnudos [no description available]
Help-gnunet Peer-to-Peer networking with GNUnet
help-gnuspool Help for GNUspool users
Help-gnustep Users list for the GNUstep programming environment
help-gnutrition General user help and discussion relating to GNUtrition
help-gnuzilla Users list for the GNUzilla project
help-gplusplus Users list for the GNU C++ compiler
Help-grub Support requests for the GRand Unified Bootloader
Help-gsasl Discussion list for GNU Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)
Help-gsl Users list for GNU Scientific Library (GSL) help
Help-gslip [no description available]
Help-gss Discussion list for GNU Generic Security Service
Help-Guix [no description available]
help-gv requests and discussion for gv
Help-gwl [no description available]
Help-hurd Users list for the GNU Hurd
Help-jel This list is the place for users and installers of GNU JEL to ask for help.
Help-jtw [no description available]
Help-libidn Discussion list for GNU Internationalized Domain Name library (Libidn)
Help-librejs [no description available]
Help-libtasn1 Discussion list for GNU Libtasn1
Help-liquidwar6 Main discussion list for Liquid War 6, a unique multiplayer wargame
Help-make Users list for the GNU implementation of make
Help-marst [no description available]
Help-maverik [no description available]
Help-mcron Get help on mcron from the user community
Help-mcsim help line for GNU MCSim
Help-motti [no description available]
Help-nano Help list for the nano editor.
Help-ncurses Users list for the GNU implementation of curses
Help-octave Help list for GNU Octave
help-panorama Users list for the GNU Panorma 3D graphics framework
Help-pyconfigure [no description available]
help-rcs Users list for the GNU Revision Control System
help-recutils [no description available]
help-serveez Users list for the GNU serveez
Help-shishi Discussion list for GNU Shishi
Help-shmm [no description available]
help-smalltalk Users mailing list for the GNU Smalltalk environment
Help-snacc Users list for SNACC - the Sample Neufeld ASN.1 Compiler to C/C++
Help-SnakeCharmer Help for SnakeCharmer, the GIFT's JAVA interface
Help-source-highlight discussion list for source-highlight
Help-stow [no description available]
help-tar Help requests for GNU Tar
help-texinfo Users list for the Texinfo documentation system
Help-VCDImager Users list for GNU VCDImager
help-vmgen Discuss vmgen
Help-websocket4j [no description available]
Help-zile [no description available]
hfdb Hardware Freedom Database
Hitweb-dev Projet hitweb
Howto-kickstart For contributions to the RedHat Kickstart HOWTO document
Hurd-devel-readers A public subscription version of hurd-devel
Hurdfr-paris [no description available]
hydra-users Discussion of Hydra builds of GNU packages.
Hyperbole-users User list for GNU Hyperbole
Ignuit Discussion list for users of ignuit.
info-3dldf For the maintainer of GNU 3DLDF to send announcements to users.
info-auctex Announcements about AUCTeX
Info-bayonne Announcements for the GNU Bayonne telephony system
Info-behistun [no description available]
info-cgicc Announcements for cgicc, the GNU C++ CGI library
Info-chinese [no description available]
Info-digitalspeech Announcement list for the Digital Speech Project.
Info-easejs Release announcements for ease.js
Info-edma General Info about GNU EDMA
Info-gama Annoucements and discussion about GNU Gama
Info-gengen Announcements about gengen
Info-gengetopt Announcements about gengetopt
Info-global Announcements about GNU GLOBAL
Info-gnats GNU GNATS announcements
info-gnu Announcements and Requests for Help from the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation
Info-gnu-chess Announcements and discussions about GNU Chess
Info-gnu-emacs Announcements and progress reports for GNU Emacs
info-gnu-fortran Announcements and progress reports for GNU Fortran
Info-gnu-radius Annoncements and progress reports for GNU Radius.
info-gnu-shogi Announcements and discussion for users of GNU Shogi
info-gnuastro GNU Astronomy Utilities Announcements
Info-gnucap Announcements for gnucap.
Info-gnucomm Announcement list for the GNUCOMM project.
info-GNUnet GNUnet announcements
Info-gnuprologjava [no description available]
info-gnus-english Announcements and discussions for GNUS, the GNU Emacs Usenet newsreader (in English)
Info-gnustep Announcements and progress reports for the GNUstep programming environment
Info-gnutrition Announcements about GNUtrition
Info-gpaint [no description available]
Info-gsl Announcements for the GNU Scientific Library
Info-gslip [no description available]
Info-guix Low-traffic mailing list for announcements to Guix users.
info-gv gv announcements
info-libredwg Announcements for LibreDWG.
Info-librejs [no description available]
Info-lilypond Lilypond announcements (moderated)
Info-liquidwar6 Announcements about LiquidWar 6, a unique multiplayer wargame
Info-mcron Announcements about the mcron package
Info-mcsim general announcements on GNU MCSim
Info-motti [no description available]
Info-mtools [no description available]
Info-nano announcements for nano
info-sather Announcements and discussions about the GNU Sather object oriented language
Info-shmm [no description available]
Info-source-highlight This is a read-only list
Info-stow Announcements list for GNU Stow
Info-VCDImager Announcements and progress reports for GNU VCDImager
Info-womb [no description available]
Info-xnee Xnee announcement list.
inklingreader-discuss [no description available]
Jacal-discuss Discuss JACAL and its use
Jami Discussion list for GNU Jami
Javaweb-discuss [no description available]
Javaweb-submit address to send the FSF free java code
Js-extensions-discussion [no description available]
Jtw [no description available]
Kawa-commonlisp-dev [no description available]
L4-hurd Discussion about the future direction of the GNU Hurd
language-experts [no description available]
libc-maintainers The GNU C Library Stewards (GNU package maintainers)
Libcdio-devel libcdio developer's mailing list
Libcdio-help Forum for getting help on using libcdio
Libcdio-pycdio-devel Python libcdio development corner
Libcvs-spec-dev [no description available]
Libdbh [no description available]
Liberty-eiffel [no description available]
libextractor libextractor discussion and development
Libffcall [no description available]
libjit Everything related to libjit
libmicrohttpd libmicrohttpd development and user mailinglist
libredwg General discussion and developer's list for LibreDWG
LibrePlanet-HT [no description available]
Libtool Discussion list for the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool
libtool-commit CVS commit notices for the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool
Libtool-patches Patch submission list for the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool
Libtool-security Libtool security concerns
Lightning [no description available]
Lilypond-auto Automated messages for lilypond development
Lilypond-cvs lilypond CVS commit messages
lilypond-devel Discussions on LilyPond development
lilypond-es Lista de usuarios de LilyPond en español - LilyPond Spanish-speaking list
Lilypond-it [no description available]
lilypond-user LilyPond user discussion
lilypond-user-fr Liste de diffusion francophone autour de LilyPond
Lims [no description available]
Lims-dev [no description available]
Linux-c1 Linux kernel meets Sony Vaio C1 laptops
M4-announce [no description available]
M4-commit git commit notices for GNU m4
m4-discuss Discussion list for the GNU M4
M4-patches Patch submission list for GNU M4
Mailutils-i18n [no description available]
Make-alpha Discussion list for GNU make alpha testers and developers
Make-commits Information about commits to the make CVS archive
Make-w32 Discussion of Windows-specific issues with GNU make
Mediagoblin-devel [no description available]
Mediagoblin-userops [no description available]
Metahtml-devel [no description available]
Mifluz-dev Mifluz Development mailing list
MIT-Scheme-announce Announcements regarding MIT Scheme
MIT-Scheme-devel developer list for MIT Scheme
MIT-Scheme-users Discussion list for users of MIT Scheme
myserver-commit [no description available]
Nano-devel Development discussions.
Network [no description available]
Network-activism [no description available]
Network-announce [no description available]
Network-discuss [no description available]
newconfig [no description available]
Nomad-patches [no description available]
Octave-bug-tracker [no description available]
Octave-buildbot [no description available]
Octave-maintainers Discussion List for GNU Octave Maintainers
Octave-patch-tracker [no description available]
Octave-task-tracker [no description available]
Oleo-discuss Discussion list for the GNU Oleo spreadsheet program
Openoffice-extensions-discuss Discussion advancing the creation of a list of free software extensions
osip-dev osip/exosip mailing list
Parallel GNU Parallel Discussion
patch-commit [no description available]
pem For anything and everything about GNU Pem
planet GNU Planet team
platform-testers Announcements of prereleases available for testing on multiple platforms
Playfreedom-announce [no description available]
playogg-discuss [no description available]
poke-devel Development of GNU poke
Powerguru [no description available]
Powerguru-commit [no description available]
proofreaders GNU documentation proofreaders list
PSPP-announce PSPP announcements
Pspp-commits [no description available]
pspp-dev PSPP Developer discussions
Pspp-users PSPP user discussion
psychosynth-devel [no description available]
psychosynth-user [no description available]
Pythonwebkit-dev [no description available]
Radius-commit [no description available]
Radius-espanol Traducci�n del Manual GNU Radius al Espa�ol
Radius-i18n Internationalization of GNU Radius
remotecontrol Bug reports and all discusion for GNU remotecontrol
Replacementforms-discuss [no description available]
Repo-criteria-discuss [no description available]
Reproduce-cost Reproducible paper template discussions
Reproduce-devel [no description available]
rpge-bug [no description available]
rpge-devel [no description available]
Rt-users Invite only list for users of
savannah-announce Low-volume notifications of important issues and changes at Savannah
savannah-cvs [no description available]
Savannah-help-public Use
Savannah-hackers-public Discussions among Savannah Hackers, open subscription
savannah-hackers-tests [no description available]
Savannah-help-private Savannah help requests that need to be confidential.
Savannah-register-public Project submissions and reviews notifications
Savannah-users Discussion of savannah-announce and any user-oriented topic
Scm-discuss [no description available]
screen-devel Screen development
screen-users General GNU Screen discussion
Security-discuss GNU security discussions
Sed-devel [no description available]
Sipwitch-devel Development and support for GNU SIP Witch
Skel Skeleton GNU/Linux discussion
Slib-discuss The SLIB Scheme library
Slib-units Discuss Currency and Metric Interchange Formats
Soc-projects-admins [no description available]
Soc-projects-mentors [no description available]
Social [no description available]
social-boston [no description available]
Social-design [no description available]
Social-discuss GNU social discussion and help
Social-mediagoblin [no description available]
Social-mentoring [no description available]
Social-neat [no description available]
Social-p2p distributed, privacy-enhanced, user-controlled social networking
Social-status [no description available]
Social-volunteers [no description available]
Solfege-announce [no description available]
Solfege-devel [no description available]
Speech-reco [no description available]
stalkerfs-bug Bug reports for GNU stalkerfs
stalkerfs-commit [no description available]
stalkerfs-discuss Discussion list for GNU stalkerfs
Stow-devel [no description available]
Stump-users General discussion of STUMP, the newsgroup robomoderator
summer-of-code [no description available]
Sv-migration [no description available]
Taler Taler
Taler-es GNU Taler for Spanish speakers
Tar-commit Commit notices for GNU Tar
Testing123 [no description available]
Testlist3 [no description available]
texinfo-commits archiving commits to the Texinfo sources.
Texmacs-dev TeXmacs developer mailing list
Texmacs-doc-cvs Automatic notifications from texmacs-doc CVS
Texmacs-edu [no description available]
Texmacs-patch Notifications from Savannah's patch manager.
thales-announce GNU Thales announcements
thales-misc General discussion about GNU Thales
Tramp-devel [no description available]
Trans-coord-devel GNUnited Nations development
Trans-coord-logs Logs from official and development GNUN builds
trans-coord-news mailing list of news translators for the whatsnew pages
Trans-coord-pootle-private Administration list of GNU Pootle server
Traverso-devel [no description available]
unifont [no description available]
Users-prolog Users list for the GNU implementation of Prolog
Uucp-general General Taylor UUCP mailing list.
VCDImager-GUI-devel discussion of GUI development issues
W3-announce Announcements about Emacs/W3
W3-dev [no description available]
Wb-discuss Discuss WB and its use
wdiff-bugs Bug reports for and general discussion about GNU wdiff
wdiff-dev Coordination of wdiff development
Web-hurd Working on web pages about the GNU Hurd
Wget-dev Public discussion list for GNU Wget development
Wget-libwarc [no description available]
which-bugs for all discussion relating to GNU which.
widget-announce [no description available]
womeninfreesoftware Discussion re: increasing women's participation in free software
Www-bn-translators [no description available]
wwwcat-traductors Traductors al català de la plana de GNU
www-commits [no description available]
Web-translators-de [no description available]
www-el-commits List for monitoring cvs commits of the www-el repository.
www-el-translators List for www-el project's translation volunteers.
Www-eo-tradukado [no description available]
www-fa-general GNU Persian/Farsi Translation Team
www-hr-lista [no description available]
www-it-traduzioni Traduzioni italiane delle pagine di
www-ja-translators website Japanese Translation Team
www-ko-translators Korean GNU translation team
Www-malware-commits Automatic notifications for changes in
www-ml-gnu-malayalam-project-public The GNU Malayalam Project public mailing list.
Www-nl-translators Lijst voor voor vertalers naar het nederlands van GNU artikelen.
www-pl-announce [no description available]
www-pl-trans [no description available]
www-pt-br-general GNU web Brazilian Portuguese translation team
www-ru-list The list of GNU Russian translation team
www-sq-translation Listë diskutimesh mbi përkthimet Shqip të sajtit
Www-sr-dev Развојно ДД пројекта преводаа на српски језик
www-wwwta-gnu-tamil-site [no description available]
www-zh-cn-authors [no description available]
www-zh-cn-hackers [no description available]
www-zh-cn-translators gnuctt
Www-zh-tw-translators [no description available]
XBoard-devel XBoard and WinBoard developers
XmlAT [no description available]
Xnee-devel [no description available]

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