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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Ok, I am too stupid to make this work.

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Ok, I am too stupid to make this work.
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 11:12:28 +0200
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* David Kastrup (2005-07-02) writes:

> Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> writes:
>> * David Kastrup (2005-07-02) writes:
>>> a) a macrocode environment has its begin/end lines _always_
>>> outcommented by single comment characters, regardless of where one
>>> calls C-c C-e.
>> Theoretically there could be environments called `macrocode' in
>> "regular" LaTeX as well, right?
> None of our business.  The only "macrocode" environment defined in the
> whole texmf tree AFAIK is the one in doc.sty, and that requires to be
> ended by

Consequently we should restrict special treatment of macrocode
environments to docTeX mode (and maybe if `doc' and similar styles are

>>> d) after calling C-c C-e on an active region, point and mark should be
>>> left close to where they were before.
>> Do you remember the discussion we had about this before?  I gave up
>> on this, see
>> <URL:>.
> But just exchange-point-and-mark should not touch the mark stack,
> right?

I'd have to look at what functions called after
`LaTeX-insert-environment' do in order to comment on that.

>>> Unfortunately, this patch does not work at all and I am missing the
>>> respective clue to fix it.
>> What aspect of the patch doesn't work?
> Pretty much everything.  Using C-c C-e macrocode outside of comments
> makes a completely uncommented macrocode environment, indented by two
> spaces in the middle, like
> It does not get any worse than that.

I didn't like the code in `LaTeX-insert-environment' so I've just
rewritten the function (see below).  I think it is easier to
understand and more maintainable like this.  But checking this in
would be a destabilizing change, so it should better wait till after
the release.  (Also note that I did not change the placement of the
mark compared to the old version.)

(defun LaTeX-insert-environment (environment &optional extra)
  "Insert LaTeX ENVIRONMENT with optional argument EXTRA."
  (let ((active-mark (and (TeX-active-mark) (not (eq (mark) (point)))))
        (macrocode-p (and (eq major-mode 'doctex-mode)
                          (string-match "\\`macrocode\\*?\\'" environment)))
        prefix content-start)
    (when (and active-mark (< (mark) (point))) (exchange-point-and-mark))
    ;; Compute the prefix.
    (cond ((and LaTeX-insert-into-comments (TeX-in-commented-line))
              (concat "^\\([ \t]*" TeX-comment-start-regexp "+\\)+[ \t]*"))
             (setq prefix (match-string 0)))))
    ;; What to do with the line containing point.
    (cond ((save-excursion (beginning-of-line)
                           (looking-at (concat prefix "[ \t]*$")))
           (kill-region (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)))
          ((TeX-looking-at-backward (concat "^" prefix "[ \t]*")
           (beginning-of-line 0))
           (beginning-of-line 0))
           (newline 2)
           (when prefix (insert prefix))
           (beginning-of-line 0)))
    ;; What to do with the line containing mark.
    (when active-mark
        (goto-char (mark))
        (cond ((save-excursion (beginning-of-line)
                               (or (looking-at (concat prefix "[ \t]*$"))
                                   (looking-at "[ \t]*$")))
               (kill-region (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0)))
              ((TeX-looking-at-backward (concat "^" prefix "[ \t]*")
               (beginning-of-line 0))
               (insert-before-markers "\n")
               (when prefix (insert prefix))))))
    ;; Now insert the environment.
    (if macrocode-p (insert "%") (when prefix (insert prefix)))
    (insert TeX-esc "begin" TeX-grop environment TeX-grcl)
    (when extra (insert extra))
    (setq content-start (line-beginning-position 2))
    (unless active-mark (newline) (when prefix (insert prefix)) (newline))
    (when active-mark (goto-char (mark)))
    (if macrocode-p (insert "%") (when prefix (insert prefix)))
    (insert TeX-esc "end" TeX-grop environment TeX-grcl)
    (end-of-line 0)
    (if active-mark
        (or (assoc environment LaTeX-indent-environment-list)
            (LaTeX-fill-region content-start (line-beginning-position 2)))
    (save-excursion (beginning-of-line 2) (indent-according-to-mode))))


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