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[AUCTeX-devel] RE: Question about AUCTex binding of C-c `

From: Drew Adams
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] RE: Question about AUCTex binding of C-c `
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 15:40:08 -0800

[Note: passed on to the proper list by David]

Hi David,

I downloaded AUCTeX (version 11.14) from the Web, and it appears that you
are, or at least were, the maintainer of library tex.el, which has the
binding in question: (define-key TeX-mode-map "\C-c`" 'TeX-next-error).

It appears that this map is used by one or more major modes, and not by a
minor mode - is that correct? If so, according to the GNU Emacs guidelines,
such a binding (C-c followed by punctuation other than {}<>:;) should not be
used for a major mode. From the Elisp manual, node Major Mode Conventions:

     The key sequences bound in a major mode keymap should usually
     start with `C-c', followed by a control character, a digit, or `{',
     `}', `<', `>', `:' or `;'.  The other punctuation characters are
     reserved for minor modes, and ordinary letters are reserved for

Do I understand this guideline correctly, or am I missing something here? If
my understanding is correct, would you please change this binding to
something recommended for a major mode? There are other such bindings that
should also be changed, for the same reason. Another that conflicts with an
Icicle minor-mode binding is `C-c ''.

Thx - Drew

> From: Drew Adams Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2006 9:55 AM To: Emacs-Devel
> Subject: Question about AUCTex binding of C-c `
> I checked the AUCTex doc on the Web, and searched comp.lang.tex, but I
> didn't find the answer to this: Is the AUCTex binding of `C-c `' a
> minor-mode binding or a major-mode binding?
> IIUC, this key should not be bound by a major mode, according to the Elisp
> manual (C-c + punctuation other than {}<>:;).
> I ask the question because Icicles binds `C-c `' in its minor-mode keymap.
> If AUCTex also binds it in a minor-mode map, then I'll think
> about changing the Icicles binding.

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