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[AUCTeX-devel] Inconsistency in loading/saving .el files

From: Pierre Lorenzon
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Inconsistency in loading/saving .el files
Date: Sat, 03 May 2008 17:47:27 +0200 (CEST)


When loading, even if they are local, .el files are loaded ;
but when they are saved again they are globally saved.

What do I mean precisely : The latex document is
multifile. Master file is called master.tex for instance and in
masterdir. Parts of the document are inputed (using \input
command) from other files located in various
subdirectories. For instance masterdir/chapter1/section2.tex. 

If there exists a file masterdir/chapter1/auto/section2.el it
will be loaded when for instance master.tex is loaded by
emacs. But when data contained in section2.el will saved again
(after eventual modifications) they'll be saved in
masterdir/auto/section2.el since at this moment TeX-master is
set to master.tex in section2.tex buffer. 

Anyway you'll tell me that, if TeX-master is master.tex for
file masterdir/chapter1/section2.tex file
masterdir/chapter1/auto/section2.el SOULD NOT exist ! Sure and
I must confess that I created it artificially but anyway if it
exists it is allowed to load it ! Then why is it prohibited to
save it at the same place ?

I think that the protocol should at least be consistent : Or
allowing both loading and saving locally (i.e. in the directory
where the corresponding file lives) or prohibiting both !

If I can finally give my own point of view I would greatly
appreciate that the .el files can be saved locally. Imagine in
my example above that there exists a chapter2 with a section2
so that there exist a file chapter2/section2.tex. If recording
.el locally is not allowed, both
masterdir/chapter1/section2.tex and
masterdir/chapter2/section2.tex will correspond to the
masterdir/auto/section2.el. This poor file will permanently be
changed and overridden ! and accurate information concerning
labels and so on will never be available for the user !

You might tell me that latex is precisely useful to avoid
giving names such as section2.tex and that more explicit name
might be given since numbering is automatically done. Anyway a
file generalities.tex might occur several times ...



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