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[AUCTeX-devel] Hello \AucTeX and initial questions!

From: Carsten Vogel
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Hello \AucTeX and initial questions!
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2009 18:07:03 +0200

Moin from Germany!

I use emacs21 and partly auctex. Since I already feel the benefits of "knowing 
the strokes" I want to get into it, still I am very confused where to start at 
Some weird .el files? 
Some of my today's questions:
 1.) C-c C-c gives me (View) and xpdf -raise ... %FILE, while xpdf is not 
installed, where to find and replace with "okular %FILE" ?
 2.) pst-pdf requires a pdflatex %file latex %file dvips %file-pics ps2pdf 
%file-pics, pdflatex %file, I want to have it in C-c C-c (pst-pdf-compile) or 
something similar, but how to?
 3.) using the non-pdflatex mode, latex dvips ps2pdf okular would be fine to 
have as another menu option.

In a nutshell, even taking a look into GNU Emacs of O'Reilly I am still 
Any pointers to links, docs and, of course direct answers 'd be very gentle: I 
am really looking forward pushing my emacs slightly more to the \strike{limit} 

Carsten Vogel,
Technical University Dresden,
GRATIS für alle WEB.DE-Nutzer: Die maxdome Movie-FLAT!
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