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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] [culprit]

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] [culprit]
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2015 20:54:02 +0100
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Uwe Brauer <address@hidden> writes:

> The only thing I can think of might be 
> (add-to-list 'path file t)

Using `add-to-list' on locals is discouraged in GNU Emacs, too, so I've
replaced it with `pushnew' / `nreverse'.

,----[ C-h f add-to-list RET ]
| add-to-list is a compiled Lisp function in `subr.el'.
| (add-to-list LIST-VAR ELEMENT &optional APPEND COMPARE-FN)
| This function has a compiler macro `add-to-list--anon-cmacro'.
| [...]
| This is handy to add some elements to configuration variables,
| but please do not abuse it in Elisp code, where you are usually
| better off using `push' or `cl-pushnew'.
| [...]


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