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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Typeset LaTeX files with non-ascii file name in TeXLi

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Typeset LaTeX files with non-ascii file name in TeXLive 2018
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 00:17:05 +0900

>>>>> Ikumi Keita <address@hidden> writes:
> And sorry, I misunderstood the position of %(extraopts).  I thought that
> the current AUCTeX allows `TeX-command-extra-options' to insert TeX
> codes in a command line like this:

> %%% TeX-command-extra-options: "\\foo\\bar{\\bla}"

> But that's not the case.  Since %(extraopts) is put BEFORE %(mode) in
> the default `TeX-command-list' and `LaTeX-command-style', such settings
> won't work.

> Thus `TeX-command-extra-options' cannot be used to put TeX codes in a
> command line even with current AUCTeX.  I'm sorry for my confusing
> statements so far.

Argh, I was wrong again!  It IS possible to put TeX codes in a command
line through `TeX-command-extra-options' with current AUCTeX.
%%% TeX-command-extra-options: " \"\\foo\\bar{\\bla}\""
will do the trick.  I'm deeply sorry.  Sigh.
The codes written in `TeX-expand-list-builtin' associated with the four
cooperate to transport TeX codes wrapped inside dobule quotes just
before the "\input".  It can be confirmed by evaluating
(let ((TeX-command-extra-options " \"\\foo\\bar{\\bla}\""))
  (TeX-command-expand "%`%l%(mode)%'" 'TeX-master-file))
.  The TeX code "\foo\bar{\bla}" is put after the expansion of %(mode)
and just before "\input" in the return value.

> I wonder how Colin achieves to put TeX codes in a command line in
> AUCTeX.  Perhaps by customizing `TeX-command-list' or
> `LaTeX-command-style'?  Or customizing `TeX-expand-list' to override the
> default expansion of %(extraopts), %(mode) etc.?

Now I realize how he does.

>>>>> jfbu <address@hidden> writes:

> About this in the patch under discussion

> +  ;; Since TeXLive 2018, the default encoding for LaTeX files has been
> +  ;; changed to UTF-8 if used with classic TeX or pdfTeX.  I.e.,
> +  ;; \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} is enabled by default in (pdf)latex.
> +  ;; c.f. LaTeX News issue 28
> +  ;; Due to this change, \detokenize is required to recognize non
> +  ;; ascii characters in the file name.

> The exact explanation would be that this is required in case the
> \input method of executing the file is used. It is not required
> in the case of "pdflatex filename" invocation,

Yes, the reason I added that comment is that the relavant entry has "%`"
and "%'" in it.  Although it might seem that \detokenize is placed where
no "\input" is present, "\input" is supplied automatically because of
these "%`" and "%'".  In other words, "\input" is always there actually.

Ikumi Keita

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